The gibbon lived alone for 5 years and was pregnant and gave birth. The zoo found the biological father after 2 years through DNA identification | International | CTWANT

A gibbon kept alone in a cage in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan suddenly became pregnant and gave birth to a baby. (Picture / recap from 日テレNEWS, the same below) A strange incident occurred at Kujukushima Zoological and Botanical Garden in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. A white-handed gibbon, which had been caged alone for about 5 … Read more

The zoo held the “Tiger and Rabbit Handover” ceremony… The rabbit was bitten and almost became a thrilling moment of the New Year’s Eve dinner | International | CTWANT

Although some animals grew up in zoos and behaved very docilely, their instincts are still there, especially when encountering prey, which can easily lead to wild awakening. A zoo in Linfen City, Shanxi Province in mainland China recently held a special “Tiger-Rabbit Handover” ceremony to celebrate the transition from the Lunar Year of the Tiger … Read more

Nanning Zoo responds to the “irregularity” of animals: Countless experts in the real-life version of crazy zoo fans reveal the secrets

Nanning Zoo responds to the “irregularity” of animals: Countless experts in the real-life version of Crazy Zoo’s fans reveal the secret Since November 11, the chimpanzees in Nanning Zoo have become popular on the Internet because of their funny behaviors such as high-fives, jumping, shaking, and throwing turf. Starting with chimpanzees, netizens have successively released … Read more

Moscow zoo is going to buy a friendly walrus for 20 million rubles

The Moscow zoo intends to buy a walrus with a calm, friendly character for 20 million rubles. The corresponding auction is posted on the portal public procurement. As follows from the procurement materials, the Moscow Zoo wants to purchase a male walrus aged 7 to 9 years and weighing 600-800 kilograms. The walrus should have … Read more