Exploring the Breathtaking Beauty of Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve in Jilin, China

2023-08-02 13:22:06 China Daily, August 2 (Reporter Dong Jing) On July 28, the Italian Radio and Television Company broadcast a video report on the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve in Jilin, showing the beautiful scenery of Baishan Songshui to the world. According to reports, the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve is recognized by UNESCO as one of … Read more

Title: “Sea Otter Stealing Surfboards: Fascinating Behavior on California’s Coast”

2023-07-22 10:00:28 Also recommended »The actor in the movie “Babe” rescues a piglet that is destined to be killed and names it “Babe” A sea otter intimidates a surfer and hijacks a board. Such damage is occurring one after another on the coast of California in the United States. Fan accounts have been created on … Read more

Canadian Man Fired for Saving Moose Calf from Black Bear: A Remarkable Tale of Bravery and Controversy

2023-07-18 11:07:00 A Canadian man who helped save a moose calf while driving back to his company from a business trip has been fired. Schematic (Shutter Stock) A Canadian man saw a baby moose on his way back to the company from a business trip. When he stopped to check, the cub desperately climbed into … Read more

Excessive defense of wild animals? South Africa’s giraffe burst away and reversed the life of mother and child, 1 dead, 1 disabled and 1 seriously injured | International | CTWANT

2023-05-22 01:42:30 (Schematic / pixabay) Nicole Panos, a 25-year-old mother abroad, took her child to a safari park in South Africa in 2022, but was accidentally attacked by a giraffe, which caused Panos’ daughter Kaia to be on the spot Tragic death, 4-year-old son Kayden (Kayden) suffered a severe fracture, and Panos himself suffered a … Read more

It didn’t rain and rocks fell in Nanheng. Local residents revealed that “it was all caused by them” – Life – Zhongshi News

Residents of Taoyuan District said that wild goats, wild qiang and wild deer often walk on the mountain on the section from Meishankou to Tianchi on the Nanheng Highway, and sporadic rockfall occurs almost every day on the mountain. (Reprinted by Lin Yahui/provided by residents) The people were shocked! It didn’t rain and rocks fell … Read more

Animal poaching can be prevented; Hack the Planet with ‘Camera Trap’

KaIf our problems are caused by roaming wild animals, the news is filled with the problems caused by humans in Africa. Illegal poaching has pushed many of Africa’s animals to the brink of extinction. Although there have been measures taken by the authorities for a long time to solve this problem, the poachers continue to … Read more