Laugh Out Loud: The World of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Unveiled

2023-12-20 10:31:00 Reporter Zhang Yazhu/Comprehensive Report ▲The smile from ear to ear makes it look like some special effects were applied, but this is the most natural smile of an animal. (picture/Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsProvided with authorization) Official website and Facebook fan page《Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards》, from time to time, they share many funny photos … Read more

You are not a difficult parent if you guard your child’s privacy Tech

2023-11-12 06:48:36 Door Tim Wijkman-van Aalst 12 nov 2023 om 05:07 Update: 3 uur geleden Can the school or childcare center take and publish photos of your child? That can be a dilemma, especially if many other parents give permission for this. Our view of children’s privacy is changing, says an expert. Most schools and … Read more

Kindergarten in Brunn ceremoniously opened

2023-10-09 06:13:06 LR Teschl-Hofmeister: Modern learning and play worlds for our children St.Pölten (OTS) – Representing State Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Family State Councilor Christiane Teschl-Hofmeister opened the construction of two new kindergarten groups, including a second exercise room, in the center of Brunn am Gebirge. “Thank you to the market town of Brunn am Gebirge … Read more

ÖGB Schumann to Family Minister Raab: “Take parents’ needs and concerns seriously!”

2023-09-09 12:49:05 After the Raab interview in the Ö1-Mittagsjournal: Overdue investment in elementary education – the federal government must finally follow up on announcements with action. Vienna (OTS) – “The investment in child care of 4.5 billion euros recently highlighted by Susanne Raab is very pleasing, but in the end the money will also have … Read more

JVP Federal Chairwoman Plakolm: 4.5 billion euros are the Federal Chancellor’s best offer

2023-09-09 11:22:14 Young mayors believe pooling forces is key Vienna (OTS) – “Our federal party chairman and Chancellor Karl Nehammer has created a great opportunity here,” said JVP Federal Chairman and Youth State Secretary Claudia Plakolm about Nehammer’s announcement that he wanted to invest 4.5 billion euros in childcare. “I think this is an incredibly … Read more

AK supports families with a childcare bonus and demands free childcare from the age of two

2023-09-04 06:45:09 Linz – Child care and education is still not free in Upper Austria. The negative consequences are many and varied: the family accounts are additionally burdened and women often cannot decide for themselves how many hours they work. AK President Andreas Stangl calls for the immediate abolition of afternoon fees in kindergarten and … Read more

Childcare allowance is ‘Russian roulette’ for people with cancer | Interior

2023-08-10 16:52:03 10 aug 2023 om 05:19 Update: 5 uur geleden If you do not work because you have cancer, you will not receive a childcare allowance from the Tax and Customs Administration. As with home care, the municipality can then offer help. But that local approach causes incomprehensible differences, victims say to There … Read more

Grandparents travel from city to country to look after grandchildren | Economy

2023-05-29 14:22:27 29 mei 2023 om 09:50Update: 9 uur geleden Grandparents have become indispensable for families with young children. They jump into the babysitting hole left by the overwrought childcare market. A big advantage for grandpa and grandma is that they build a special bond with their grandchildren. The disadvantage? She is not thanked for … Read more