Check 8 “Covid symptoms” that have changed from before. Sore throat. Easy to get infected. Spread quickly.

from the epidemic situationCovid-19 That tends to reduce the number of infections and deaths, causing the Ministry of Public Health have adjusted the covid measures is a contagious disease From 1 Oct. onwards along with adjusting measures to isolate patients with mild symptoms Covid-19 infected people asymptomatic To strictly follow the DMHT for 5 days, … Read more

“Apple” orders the factory to reduce the production of iPhone 14 l, marketing money million l 29-09-65

“Apple” ordered the factory to reduce the production of iPhone 14 l, millions of dollars in marketing, 29-09-65, foreign news agencies reported Apple ordered the factory to reduce the production of iPhone 14 after sales were wrong from the estimate. Smartphone #iPhone14 #iPhone #Appl Reduce production capacity . “Million Market” program every Monday – Saturday … Read more

Goon Chor. Keep an eye on 2 storms in Thailand, rain falls – “Pattaya” floods in the middle of the night l Full : TNN News morning news l 22-09-2022

Live : TNN News Morning news Thursday, September 22, 2022 Time 06.00-08.00 =Today’s Highlights= — Covid-19 adjustment as a contagious disease, surveillance starts 1 Oct. — before. Watch for 2 storms to hit Thailand Oct. Prepare to divert water into 10 fields — “Fed” raises interest rates by 0.75 percent for the third time in … Read more

Live : TNN News Morning news, Wednesday, September 7, 2022 time 06.00-08.00

Live : TNN News Morning news Wednesday 7 September 2022 time 06.00-08.00 Reduce “sick-death” for 6 months — Rain collapses the city for more than 5 hours. Bang Khen area floods in many places. — Typhoon blows heavily in South Korea. — The Cabinet approved EGAT to borrow 8.5 billion to pay. FT Fee Follow … Read more

China approves Livzon booster vaccine for yearly use

when the vaccineLivson (Livzon) has been released to the public. Will be an alternative to more than 1.4 million Chinese people now have people who have been injected.vaccine90% and almost 60% received the booster vaccine. most people inChinareceived a lethal vaccineSinovacand Sinofarm, the first of seven vaccines around the world developed against COVID-19. Officials said … Read more

Why only regular contact with the virus provides immunity

Disputes escalate immediately Man lets drone fly – neighbor threatens him with pistol! Window in coffin steamed up Camila (3) woke up at her own funeral How it works? In the video! Optical illusion turns him into Spider-Man! Animal cruelty on the beach in Florida Men ram knives in shark’s head Hamburg: 22-year-old dead Men … Read more