Digital economy blog – France: a European model in the use of AI by the gendarmerie

2023-11-28 13:00:29 France is a European leader in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by gendarmes. According to a report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), France is the first European country in the use of AI by the gendarmerie. The French gendarmerie uses AI in many areas Source : In terms … Read more

Unlocking Value with Global Performance Markets in France: Strategies, Benefits, Sectors, and Challenges

2023-11-26 19:10:58 Global performance markets (GPM) are emerging as a key strategy for companies in France seeking to achieve operational excellence. This innovative approach goes beyond simple acquisition of goods and serviceswith a focus on achieving measurable results and maximizing long-term value. Definition of a global performance market The global performance market, defined byarticle L. … Read more

Safran Tunisia Innovation Shaker #2: A springboard for innovation and entrepreneurship

2023-11-23 10:13:55 Bring together, energize, make things happen: these were the key words of Safran Tunisia Innovation Shaker #2. At the heart of the City of Culture, innovation has flourished in a vibrant atmosphere, guided by exceptional speakers, creative minds and visionary leaders. The 2023 edition of Safran Tunisia Innovation Shaker marked a significant milestone … Read more

Abilis: The Complete Online Health Platform Connecting Pharmacists and Patients

2023-11-22 22:42:26 The complete online health platform Quick connects the pharmacist and his patient through different services: e-health, electronic patient file, e-shop, etc. In a spirit of innovation, Ofac (the professional cooperative of Swiss pharmacists) has decided to offer its members a new secure digital health platform. Patients registered on the Abilis platform can not … Read more

Industrial start-ups hold their first summit in Lille

2023-11-22 13:45:47 It started as a start-up, designing and then assembling its first robots in the cozy offices of Euratechnologies. Niryo, almost eight years later, “moved to an industrial environment”, employs forty people in what has become a small factory in Wambrechies. Tech with its digital DNA on one side, industry on the other? It’s … Read more

The work of “strengthening enterprises with science and technology” for state-owned enterprises in Guangxi is steadily advancing – Enterprises – China Engineering Network

2023-11-22 02:48:00 Original title: The work of “strengthening enterprises with science and technology” for state-owned enterprises in Guangxi is steadily advancing Workers Daily-China Industry News reporter Pang Huimin and intern Wei Qianyu On November 20, Guangxi held a “Press Conference on State-owned Assets and State-owned Enterprises in the Region Promoting ‘Technology Strengthening Enterprises’”. Tang Aibin, … Read more