“Apple” orders the factory to reduce the production of iPhone 14 l, marketing money million l 29-09-65

“Apple” ordered the factory to reduce the production of iPhone 14 l, millions of dollars in marketing, 29-09-65, foreign news agencies reported Apple ordered the factory to reduce the production of iPhone 14 after sales were wrong from the estimate. Smartphone #iPhone14 #iPhone #Appl Reduce production capacity . “Million Market” program every Monday – Saturday … Read more

The US version of the iPhone 14 can only use eSIM cards, so what is the original position of the SIM card tray used for? | T Kebang

The well-known repair team iFixit today shared an in-depth disassembly analysis of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, providing a detailed internal structure. Notably,After disassembly, a plastic spacer appeared inside, which was used to replace the SIM card tray in the US model. All 4 iPhone 14 models sold in the US will no longer offer … Read more

Is “iPhone 14” likely to sell? “People who want to buy” Survey results of one in four Apple users … Reasons for unpopularity “Expensive” “Current terminal can still be used” “Just changed …”: J-CAST Company Watch[full text display]

Apple’s “iPhone 14” series will be released in Japan on September 16, 2022. The high price due to the weak yen, the fact that it was released in about a year from the previous model “iPhone 13” series as usual, and the fact that there is no particular new taste are attracting attention as to … Read more

10th anniversary of “Lightning” charging cable, is it time for “Apple” to change?

10th anniversary of “Lightning” charger from “Apple” used until the latest “iPhone 14”, but may not go further. After the European Union passed a law to make USB-C the central standard for charging electronic devices. Back in Sept. 2012 “Apple Inc.” The US tech giant has released the iPhone 5, which comes with the biggest, … Read more

The iPhone 14 is accused of having no bright spots, and it may be the standard version of the iPhone with the worst CP value in the past three years | T Kebang

Apple finally released a new generation of iPhone 14 models under the spotlight. Sure enough, as rumored, Apple canceled the mini model that has been selling poorly for the past two years and added a larger iPhone 14 Plus. It can be seen that Apple’s purpose is actually very clear, because the market in the … Read more

CASETiFY Unveils New Ultimate Shockproof Case for iPhone 14, Announces the Opening of Taiwan’s First Physical Store | 4Gamers

International accessories brand CASETiFY announced today (8th) the launch of the “ultimate drop-resistant phone case” created with the new patented EcoShock protection technology, which supports Apple’s latest iPhone 14 series mobile phones. In addition, CASETiFY also officially announced that it will open its first store in Taiwan. Physical store. The biggest feature of CASETiFY’s new … Read more