Health districts 12 in the south have 46 “Nousai” malaria.

Songkhla Public Health People warned to beware of ‘Nousai’ malaria transmitted from monkeys to humans. with the Anopheles mosquito as a vector According to the … Read more

Check out how to exercise to recover “Long COVID” in 5 weeks.

Chulalongkorn Hospital Suggest ways to exercise to recover from “Long COVID” in 5 weeks, starting with walking. Practicing breathing in and out, doing yoga, doing … Read more

Tornado sweeps through Kansas, destroys homes, injures 3

Tornadoes hit the US state of Kansas. More than 50 buildings were damaged and at least three people were reported injured. Today (1 May 2525) … Read more

Early morning 25-27 Apr. Watch “Four Planets Parade” with “Dao Kieng Duean”

Sor. Chuan Chom “Four Planets Parade” with “Dao Kieng Duean” near dawn, 25-27 April. This can be observed with the naked eye all over the … Read more

Open 10 provinces with the highest number of covids “pneumonia”

Thailand has 19,982 more cases of COVID-19 and 101 deaths. Currently, the country has a bed occupancy rate of 30%. There are 2,056 pneumonia patients … Read more

“Virot” confidently sweeps the chair At least 20 MPs

“Wirot” is confident that the candidates of the Sor Kor. Sweep at least 20 chairs, the rest of the time will accelerate to the area. … Read more

Shanghai prepares 50,000-bed field hospital to fight coronavirus

Shanghai to prepare 50,000-bed field hospital to accommodate COVID-19 cases as infections continue to rise As more and more people began to suffer from shortages … Read more

Doctors say that more than 4 injections may cause side effects in some people.

Dr. Teerawat Hemajutha revealed that more than 4 vaccinations are not necessary because they may become immune to the virus. or more severe inflammation In … Read more