HBD dear friend! “DJ Tonhom” posted a heartfelt message to “DJ Dada,” who was both a friend and an ATM for lending money.

2023-12-11 12:04:03

HBD dear friend! “DJ Tonhom” posted a heartfelt message to “DJ Dada,” who was both a friend and an ATM for lending money.

Today, 11 Dec. ’23, is the birthday of my beautiful mother. “DJ Dada Vrinda” Now 43 years old, this year has been the year she has done something new beyond just being a DJ. Because I did business Being a seller and influencer As for family life, they are happy with good partners. As for the son, he is cute, not stubborn or naughty.

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As for his close friend, “DJ Tonhom Sakultala”, he also did not fail to wish “DJ Dada” a happy birthday. It is said that both clips and funny pictures came in full form. Ready to write a greeting saying…

“Hbd na Ida!!! Da is everything that smells good. We are friends, advisors, brains, and ATMs. We can talk about everything. Except for the work fee Because if they find out, they will undercut our price. Which it has always done. (Every square, tell your friends) 555

butWe have never been angry with each other or fought or been jealous of each other about this. Because our gang is Hollow Brain Gang We never quarreled. Even though we bite each other like crazy dogs I like it here. It’s a person who doesn’t mind perfume. Because different people know that Our essence in our hearts is AFL. Thaksaorn is as beautiful as an angel 555

#I wish you happiness and lots of work. No matter how much you take away my work, just do it. You will be rich and lend me more money. Haha. #Short, I love you, Phi Waew @djdada #Please don’t zoom in on breasts. Zoom in on cellulite. #Yes, I deliberately squeezed.

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As for “DJ Dada”, he also commented, “Hahahaha, I love you too. Remember to memorize it and keep it in mind. Hom is the number 1 master of ceremonies. The price of perfume must be expensive. Raise the fee every year, friend.”

It’s called each word that the two girls talked about. There is only love and care all the time. It’s really colorful every time we’re together.

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