Are you 70 years old? This is how you can lose your retirement savings due to the Afores reform – Publimetro México

The remodeling at outsidewhich proposed Morena in it Congressimplies two risks serious illnesses that can cause millions of older adults lose their retirement and housing savings, which they accumulated throughout their lifewarned the IMCO. He Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) explained that the reform proposes taking the saving for him withdrawal of the workers that … Read more

steals your money and data – Publimetro México

Security Alert: The attacks of a trojan bankingdenominated Grandoreiromultiplied massively in Mexico and, in the last one, infected more than 31 thousand companies and users, revealed the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky. It revealed that in 2023, banking Trojan attacks – in general – registered a increase of 50% in the region of Latin Americawith an increase … Read more

Official list of personal deductions for your annual return

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) published the official list of personal deductionsthat the Physical persons can present in their Annual statement of taxes. He noted that the deductions allow taxpayers decrease some bills personal and, where appropriate, obtain the return of a part of their taxesif your annual return shows a favorable balance. He indicated … Read more

If you stop working, do you lose your Infonavit savings?

He saving of the Infonavit It is a benefit that everyone has workers formals who work in Mexicobut have you ever wondered what happens with that amount of moneyif you stop work. Or maybe someone has told you that you will lose your saving if you don’t use it… If so, don’t worry anymore, or … Read more

‘Curra’ bequeaths to his death the only possibility of saving the northern white rhino from extinction | Science

A Curraa two-ton southern white rhinoceros, was killed by microscopic bacteria of the genus Clostridium this past November 25 in the Ol Pejeta park in Kenya. But his death after this unequal biological struggle has not been in vain. Curra was gestating the first embryo created in the laboratory and successfully implanted by the German … Read more

Financial Investment Strategies: Insights from Industry Experts

2023-12-20 10:53:22 The newspaper ECO organized the round table (Le Cercle des ÉCO) on the theme “Financial investments: which investment strategy to favor?” Karim El Hnot, general manager of SogéCapital Gestion, Faiçal Zahlane, deputy general manager of La Marocaine Vie, in charge of commercial development and marketing activities, Ahmed Arharbi, director of market operations at … Read more

The Japanese central bank maintains negative interest rates

2023-12-19 11:42:52 Noha Makram – Live – The Bank of Japan maintained its ultra-loose monetary policy on Tuesday, in a widely expected move, with the bank preferring to wait for more evidence that wages and prices will rise enough to justify a shift away from its massive stimulus policy. The central bank fixed short-term interest … Read more

Global stocks stabilize and euro zone revenues decline

2023-12-05 12:06:44 Noha Makram – Live – German 10-year government bond yields fell to their lowest levels in six months on Tuesday, while global stocks settled at their highest levels in four months as traders strengthened their bets on the European Central Bank cutting interest rates in early 2024 and maintained their expectations about the … Read more