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Security Alert: The attacks of a trojan bankingdenominated Grandoreiromultiplied massively in Mexico and, in the last one, infected more than 31 thousand companies and users, revealed the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky. It revealed that in 2023, banking Trojan attacks – in general – registered a increase of 50% in the region of Latin Americawith an increase … Read more

More than half a million Roku users’ data leaked online

The American manufacturer of televisions and set-top boxes Roku warned users about a data leak of 576 thousand accounts. In March, a similar incident caused the hacking of more than 15 thousand Roku accounts. The company admitted that the attackers used a credential stuffing method that allows fraudsters to gain access to accounts of other … Read more

In Brazil, a judge orders an investigation into Elon Musk.

Judge Alexandre de Moraes accused the owner of the platform “X” of “criminal instrumentalization” of the social network, according to the judge’s ruling obtained by the AFP news agency. Social network X must refrain from defying court orders and restoring accounts suspended by the Supreme Court, the judge warned. Moraes indicated that the world’s richest … Read more