Choosing the right treatment method can help prolong the survival period of liver cancer | Life | CTWANT

How to choose the 6 major surgical treatments for prolonged survival of liver cancer? 83-year-old Mr. Lin was sent to the emergency department of the hospital due to abdominal pain, and found end-stage liver tumor and vascular invasion. Due to his age and multiple medical diseases, he took targeted drug treatment. After 18 months, the … Read more

“Health Net” Worried about liver and kidney damage and not taking medicine?U.S. study: Blood lipid-lowering drugs can reduce the risk of liver cancer-Free Health Network

The doctor said that it is of course best for fatty liver patients to rely on diet to control it. If not, it is still beneficial to take medicine to control it. There is no need to worry about side effects, just remember to track liver function regularly; the situation is as shown. (picture taken … Read more

Liver cancer is very good at “camouflaging”. Such changes in the skin may be the liver “calling for help” | Liver cancer | yellowing of the skin | itching of the skin | red spots on the skin

[Voice of Hope February 9, 2023](Editor: Li Wenhan) Mr. Liu is 48 years old. Six months ago, he often felt abdominal distension and his appetite decreased. Because these symptoms had little effect on the body, Mr. Liu did not pay attention to them. It wasn’t until last week that he suddenly felt obvious pain in … Read more

Doctors warn about 4 habits in daily life that can increase the risk of “cancer”

while working people aged 22-60 years have to enter the work from home model (Work from Home) instead of traveling to work at the old office Student groups, students from kindergarten to university level Must be enrolled through the online system. Including doing activities in daily life through almost all online platforms without having to … Read more

Today’s ‘interracial day’… 4050 Liver cancer, the number one cancer death rate, has the potential to be cured with advances in treatment ↑

Every year on October 20th, the Korean Liver Society was established.The cause of liver cancer is clear, but there are no symptoms, so it is difficult to detectImmuno-cancer drug development increases the possibility of a complete cure“Early diagnosis and active treatment are important” ▲[사진=아시아경제DB] 湲 蹂肄 [아시아경제 김영원 기자] Every year, October 20th is ‘Liver … Read more