High Court Employee Shoots Brother Over Bike Parking Dispute In Aluva: Tragic Murder in Ernakulam

2023-09-29 01:13:48 Aluva ∙ Ernakulam Chetan was shot dead by his brother in Aluva. Paulson (48) died at his home in Thaiparam, Edayappuram. Anian Thomas was taken into police custody in connection with the incident. Thomas shot Paulson with an airgun after an argument. After the murder, Thomas himself reported the information to the police. … Read more

The American company Bechtel launches its regional headquarters in Riyadh

2023-09-28 19:21:51 The American company Bechtel, which is considered one of the largest companies specialized in the field of engineering consulting in the world, inaugurated its regional headquarters in Riyadh. This comes within the framework of the Kingdom’s efforts to attract international companies to open their regional headquarters there. It is worth noting that Bechtel … Read more

Government Documents Expose Irregularities in 399 Co-operative Societies: Uncovering the Truth Behind Corruption

2023-09-28 11:32:34 Thiruvananthapuram ∙ In the past 6 years, government documents have revealed irregularities in 399 co-operative societies. Last year, Minister VN Vasavan had stated in his reply in the Legislative Assembly that he had found irregularities such as giving loans out of order, giving loans with fake fixed deposit receipts, irregularities in appointment, irregularities … Read more

Prince Nayef bin Mamdouh’s Inspiring Kitchen Skills: Breaking Stereotypes at Badiya Makarem Najd

2023-09-28 09:35:20 A circulating clip showed Prince Nayef bin Mamdouh bin Abdulaziz running his restaurant, “Badiya Makarem Najd,” in Jeddah himself. The prince appeared in the restaurant’s kitchen preparing food for the customers himself, and he appeared to be happy with what he was doing. This clip received widespread praise from social media users, who … Read more

BJP’s Ramesh Bidhuri’s Communal Remarks in Lok Sabha: Key Poll Responsibility Revealed

2023-09-27 17:16:11 New Delhi ∙ BJP has given the election charge to Tonk, Rajasthan’s MP Ramesh Bidudi, who made communal remarks in the Lok Sabha. The decision follows rumors that Congress leader Sachin Pilot may contest from Tonk. Elections to the 200-member assembly in Rajasthan will be held later this year. Bidudi made communal remarks … Read more

Drowning Tragedy in Kozhikode: Student Swept Away by Whirlpool in Kuttyadi River

2023-09-27 12:55:12 Kozhikode ∙ A student who took a bath in the river at Kuttyadi got caught in the whirlpool and drowned. Muhammad (17), a native of Nadupoil, died. He had come to his relative’s house. Hearing the commotion of the people who were with him, the residents rushed to the hospital but could not … Read more