Preventing Cancer: The Impact of Toxic Metals in American Food Supply

2023-12-14 11:00:28 Toxic metals found in food cause more than 10,000 cancers each year in the United States. Entered 2023.12.14 20:00 Views 17 Entered 2023.12.14 20:00 Modified 2023.12.14 15:27 Views 17 Foods containing the most toxic metals such as lead, arsenic, and cadmium were baby food, root vegetables such as beets, rice, and dark chocolate. … Read more

Understanding Liver Health: The Truth About Herbs and Foods for Liver Function

2023-12-06 05:07:10 Herbs known to be good for the liver… can have a negative effect on liver function Entered 2023.12.06 14:05 Views 273 Entered 2023.12.06 14:05 Modified 2023.12.06 12:55 Views 273 Liver cancer is not a disease caused by food. It is not a disease that can be cured by changing food. Eating certain foods … Read more

Preventing Cancer: Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Living and Disease Prevention

2023-11-19 05:06:40 Quit smoking, eat bland foods and avoid processed meat… Physical activity and vegetable-fruit intake are important. Entered 2023.11.19 14:05 Views 18 Entered 2023.11.19 14:05 Modified 2023.11.19 14:23 Views 18 When you eat processed meat products such as ham and sausages grilled over an open fire, ‘polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)’, which produce carcinogens in … Read more

Chronic Pancreatitis: Symptoms, Causes, and Early Detection for Pancreatic Cancer Risk

2023-06-01 10:35:31 A 50-year-old man with diabetes came to see a doctor because of long-term upper abdominal pain. Later, gastroscopy and colonoscopy did not find any tumors. It was not until the use of pancreatic endoscopic ultrasound that the cause was found. (Schematic/Shutterstock) Abdominal pain is not necessarily stomach pain, it should be noted that … Read more

“Pancreatic Cancer” finds the culprit? Pancreatic cancer stem cells “hijack” members of the tumor suppressor protein family to help them escape anticancer treatment-Biotech Investment First Stop-Genet Viewpoint

“Pancreatic Cancer” finds the culprit? Pancreatic cancer stem cells “hijack” members of the tumor suppressor protein family to help them escape anticancer treatment havePancreatic cancer, known as the “cancer king,” is the third deadliest cancer in the United States,Second only to lung and colorectal cancer.Since pancreatic cancer stem cells often quickly become resistant to standard … Read more

5 ways to prevent pancreatic cancer

It is important to practice ways to prevent pancreatic cancer in your daily life. / Getty Image Bank The exact cause of pancreatic cancer is still unknown. For this reason, it is best to avoid pancreatic cancer risk factors in your daily life to prevent pancreatic cancer. Here’s what you need to know to prevent … Read more

Microorganisms open up new insights – healing practice

Interactions between bacteria and cancer cells microorganismsthat inhabit the human body can ours Health affect to a large extent. The best example of this are gut bacteriatheir influence on our metabolism increasingly extensively documented. According to a recent study, microbes also seem to play a significant role in the course of certain cancers to play … Read more