Discover the New Barber Shop in Verviers: “+32” – Your Go-to for Razors and Shampoos

2023-08-20 15:00:00 This Saturday opened the “+32” in Verviers. A name that does not evoke much except the prefix of Belgium. A name that will henceforth be synonymous with razors and shampoos since that is what the new barber shop will be called. ** *** ****** ***** ** **** ** ** **** ** ******** ******* … Read more

Mixed Results: Forain Reactions to the 2023 Edition of Foire du Midi

2023-08-19 18:43:11 On the occasion of the last weekend of the Foire du Midi, La Capitale handed out the pen to the fairgrounds in order to know their feelings on the results of this 2023 edition of the Foire du Midi. And the least we can say is that the results are mixed. “When the … Read more

“Apple’s Mixed Reality Glasses: The Next Big Thing in Augmented and Virtual Reality?”

2023-05-13 15:39:00 The Wall Street Journal said that Apple is planning to unveil one of its most unconventional products in the next few weeks. The newspaper quoted informed people as saying that the product is a mixed reality glasses that will combine augmented reality and virtual reality in one device. People familiar with the project … Read more

Egypt News | Science and technology / Will the upcoming mixed reality headset from Apple work with xrOS? A report answers

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Arequipa: fire on the slopes of the Misti was controlled | Society

According to Luis Felipe Gonzales Dueñas, technical administrator of the National Forest and Wildlife Service (Serfor), the direction the wind takes could extinguish the fire. Gonzales noted that overnight winds could carry the flames into the already burned area, thereby extinguishing the fire. However, if these spread elsewhere, it could consume more vegetation and reignite … Read more

Lesly Castillo: model shows a mansion in Arequipa with a view of the Misti | Who is Lesly Castillo, who is her husband | Mauricio Diez Canseco | ntlr | entertainment

Leslie Castillo, well-known model and former television host, is away from television. She became known in entertainment for her brief romance with Mauricio Diez Cansecoin 2010. Both almost got married, but the relationship ended when it came to light that the young woman had invited a cameraman to her apartment without the pizza chef knowing. … Read more