The Link Between Hearing Loss and Earwax Blockage: Understanding the Causes and Solutions

2023-11-27 07:00:00 The biggest reason why hearing loss occurs as we age is because hearing function declines due to aging. But there is another reason other than this. This is when earwax blocks the eardrum without even thinking about it. This disease is called ‘global emboliation’. Earwax, in which earwax blocks the eardrum, is most … Read more

Understanding Cancer Survival Rates and Cardiovascular Risk in Cancer Survivors

2023-11-19 08:00:00 In the past, cancer was considered a disease that mostly killed people, but with the development of science and technology and early screening, a significant number of cancer patients have survived. In particular, early-stage cancer has a high survival rate, with a cure rate of over 90% in some cases. Cancer survival rate … Read more

Combat Cold Weather Indigestion with These Posture and Stretching Tips

2023-11-09 08:00:00 When the weather gets cold, physical activity decreases and intestinal movement slows down, making it easy to suffer from indigestion. In addition, the cold acts as stress on our bodies and interferes with digestion. When you are under a lot of stress, the sympathetic nervous system becomes hyperactive, which reduces blood flow to … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Treating Dysautonomia: Expert Insights from Hidoc Medical Reporter

2023-11-02 01:00:00 Hidoc medical reporter Director Kim Do-hwanㅣSource: Hidoc You can move your muscles at will when you hold the cup in front of you, write with a pencil, or take a walk. This is possible because nerves transmit commands from the brain to muscles. However, while there are parts of the body that we … Read more

Understanding Anemia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

2023-11-01 11:00:00 When experiencing momentary dizziness, most people think of ‘anemia.’ Of course, if you have anemia, you may feel dizzy, but if you only understand dizziness as a symptom of anemia, you may miss early diagnosis and treatment. We asked Hidoc experts about the causes and symptoms of anemia. Dizziness is not the only … Read more

Understanding and Treating Milia and Ductal Tumors: Expert Advice from Liwon Dermatology Clinic

2023-10-31 11:00:00 In this series, we share skin health concerns that change every month. We provide clear answers and useful tips for monthly skin diseases that everyone is curious about, with experts from Liwon Dermatology Clinic. An increasing number of people are experiencing stress due to the lumpy lesions under the eyes that began to … Read more