The government is considered to have difficulty controlling food prices during Ramadan – 2024-03-08 09:24:18

PPSU officers tidy up hundreds of 10 kg sacks containing food aid rice which will be distributed to the community (MI/Ramdani) WRONG planning and governance is considered to make it difficult for the government to control food prices. It is predicted that price spikes will continue to occur and add to people’s difficulties as consumers. … Read more

Optimizing Tax Efficiency: Understanding Movable Donations and Tax Obligations

2023-10-25 17:39:00 The system targets only two types of movable donations – manual (a sum of money in cash, for example) and indirect (a bank transfer without communication) – because these are not subject to the registration obligation. , which allows donees to avoid paying gift tax, the rate of which is 3%. Other donations, … Read more

Liu Deyin is not worried about the progress of TSMC’s US factory and is sure it will succeed- Free Finance

2023-09-06 07:12:05 Liu Deyin is not worried about TSMC’s US factory, and is sure it will succeed. (Photo by reporter Hong Youfang) [Reporter Hong Youfang/Taipei Report]The chairman of TSMC (2330), the leading wafer foundry, attended the master forum of the International Semiconductor Exhibition (SEMICON Taiwan 2023) today (6). In response to the frequent attacks from … Read more

Tragic Incident at Seoi Elementary School: Teachers’ Union Urges Thorough Investigation

2023-07-19 11:33:41 Teachers’ Union Federation Press Release At an elementary school located in Seocho-gu, Seoul, a teacher in his early 20s belonging to Seoi Elementary School made an extreme choice, and the police are investigating. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education on the 19th, teacher A (23) made an extreme choice on the … Read more

More reliable than ChatGPT? IBM launches watsonx AI capture for enterprises around the world.

2023-05-10 13:50:00 Blue giant IBM today launched watsonx, an AI-powered new data platform to provide enterprises with scalable and applied artificial intelligence. Identify the organizations of the future need to be able to build AI on trusted data. And that information should be utilized wherever appropriate. It’s the reason IBM created watsonx. Kitman Cheung, Technical … Read more

“Prince Laurent and Princess Claire Call for Donations at Télévie 35th Edition”

2023-04-22 19:41:16 This will remain in the minds! Prince Laurent and Princess Claire took the stage at Louvexpo to call for donations. It was a first! For this 35th edition of Télévie sponsored by Kendji Girac, local singers like Mentissa, Selah Sue and Frédéric François and French stars made the Louvexpo room sing. But if … Read more

A young man goes to a hospital suffering from neck pain and difficulty swallowing..and after examining him, the surprise was! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The surgical team at Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital in Jazan saved the life of a patient after removing a tumor in the neck, which was pressing on the left internal jugular artery, trachea and neck muscles. For her part, Dr. Alaa Hakami, leader of the general surgery team at the hospital, said … Read more