Prince Laurent attends and supports first event organized by Leisure Inclusive association

2023-09-30 15:11:08 This Saturday, the “Leisure Inclusive” association organized its first event, on the site of the Dour Sports Center – Elouges, on rue de Tournelle. And who came to wipe the plasters? Neither more nor less than Prince Laurent! Who better than him to support people who are in precarious circumstances or who are … Read more

Discover Gerpinnes: A Tranquil Rural Commune with Accessible Landscapes Near Charleroi

2023-09-23 04:45:00 A rural commune in the south of Charleroi, the entity of Gerpinnes is popular for its tranquility, its accessible landscapes and close to Charleroi. The price of building land there exceeds 180 euros per square meter. Read also Construction site of the tunnel and Boulevard Mainz in Charleroi: the permit was granted to … Read more

Property Tax and Royal Residences: Understanding Inequalities and Exemptions

2023-09-12 18:26:23 We are not all equal when it comes to property tax and when we look at the residences occupied by members of the royal family, we realize that even between them, there are inequalities. Read also Four new faces hired by the Palace: this is who advises King Philippe on a daily basis … Read more

Seductive Charm of Saint-Tropez: Exploring its Glamorous History and Cultural Significance

2023-08-16 03:55:00 Douliou Douliou Saint-Tropez. This tune dating back to 1965, you have certainly heard it if you have watched the Gendarmes in Saint-Tropez. A song performed by actress Geneviève Grad. She was Nicole, the daughter of Ludovic Cruchot, the quartermaster played by the unforgettable Louis De Funès. With Brigitte Bardot, these two French stars … Read more

Discover Mamy Mouss’ – Gembloux’s Newest Beer Bar

2023-08-06 15:28:00 Good news for beer lovers. A new bar, Mamy Mouss’, is setting up on the Grand’ Rue in Gembloux. Laurent and Mike inaugurated their establishment this Thursday, August 3, on the occasion of the Braderie. ******** ** **** ******** **** ** ***** ** ** ****** ** *** *********** ** *** ********** **** *** … Read more

Prince Laurent Investigation: Allegations of Influence Peddling, Extortion, and Fraud

2023-07-18 05:00:00 On Friday, we learned that the Libyan Investment Authority (a Libyan fund) filed a complaint against Prince Laurent for influence peddling, extortion and fraud. LIA lawyers indicate in particular that the royal palace would have summoned the Libyan ambassador to Brussels to settle the affairs of Prince Laurent and the frozen Libyan funds. … Read more