Double basket for David Jackson

March 6th: This is where David Jackson and the “Bachelor” candidates live While it’s cold and dreary in Germany, RTL always takes the “Bachelor” viewers to warm, heavenly realms. With the exception of the Corona year 2021, when the dome show with Niko Griesert was shot in Germany, the production for romantic dates and dramatic … Read more

Huge setback for David Jackson

But that’s not the only topic with which the Rosenkavalier caused a stir in advance. His ex-girlfriend, GNTM candidate Sarah Almorilspoke up under a post on the “Bachelor” Instagram account and warned the candidates about David. However, the viewers who tuned in thought David was great and felt the allegations, among other things, as “brainless”. … Read more

False game revealed? “I want to be famous with all my might”

Wrong game by “Bachelor” David Jackson? The fitness fan has just expressed concerns about the candidates’ intentions, stating, among other things: “It’s perfectly legitimate if someone want more reach. But please not at the expense of my feelings.” However, he seems to have spoken more of himself. In an exclusive interview with Sam Dylan … Read more