The main hall of the Old Slaughterhouses was flooded with melodies and wonderful children’s voices – 2024-04-26 12:15:48

The crowded central hall of the Old Slaughterhouse multipurpose hall was flooded with melodies and wonderful children’s voices on the evening of Wednesday, April 24, as part of the event jointly organized by the 10th primary school of Patras and the 10th primary school of Aigio. “When music meets poetry” was the title of the … Read more

Belgian Real Estate Prices Surge: Regional Disparities and Affordability

2023-12-12 13:09:00 The observation is there: real estate prices recorded an increase of 3.7% across the entire Belgian territory during this year. This progression, although notable, shows significant regional disparities. Flanders is the most affected region, with an increase of 5.2%, followed by Wallonia, which recorded an increase of 3.8%. However, Brussels is an exception … Read more

Liège Firefighters’ Nighttime Tunnel Interventions: Former TEC Buses Parking Warehouse Fire

2023-12-09 17:00:00 The Liège firefighters intervened twice, during the night from Friday to Saturday, in the tunnel where former TEC Liège-Verviers buses are parked. A warehouse located under Place des Wallons in Liège. The first intervention took place shortly before 11:30 p.m. At 9 a.m., the “black devils” returned to the scene to restart the … Read more

South Dakota Department of Transportation Receives $400,000 for Wildlife Crossing Program

2023-12-07 01:20:00 RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – Highways all over the state could see some changes soon with South Dakota receiving $400,000 from the Department of Transportation as part of the Wildlife Crossing Program. $400,000 was allocated for the South Dakota Department of Transportation to study highways across the state and determine which sections would … Read more

Courcelles Christmas Tree Tradition: Theft and Resilience

2023-12-04 17:41:00 It’s a real tradition in Courcelles, where residents are invited to decorate the trees made available by the municipality in the streets. This year, 400 trees were put up, which corresponds to a cost of 2000 euros. But around ten fir trees, all located in Gouy-lez-Piéton, were stolen. The Christmas tree was installed … Read more

Vana/Ribo on the International Day of People with Disabilities: EU-wide barrier-free mobility for everyone

2023-12-02 08:00:45 Removal of barriers to access to AMS offers for young people who are unable to work creates better opportunities on the labor market Vienna (OTS) – “With the changes to the determination of young people’s incapacity for work, we are finally breaking through the automatism of special schools, determination of incapacity for work … Read more

Maximizing Your Pension as a Self-Employed Individual: Benefits, Strategies, and Tax Advantages

2023-11-04 12:30:00 Today there are 2.25 million pensioners in our country: a quarter are self-employed or people who have had mixed careers. For a single person, the minimum pension on the self-employed side is 1,669.74 euros gross per month, just like for employees. And 2,086.52 euros gross if this minimum is paid for a household … Read more

Burger Wars: Exploring the Profitability and Survival of Restaurant Chains

2023-11-03 10:30:00 Published on Wednesday October 18, 2023 at 5:51 p.m. Burger restaurant chains are multiplying everywhere and it’s not by chance. The burger for a restaurateur is very profitable. It is even more so when low-end food is served. With frozen steaks costing 50 cents each or a block of industrial cheese that contains … Read more