Macintosh and Amiga Computers Beyond the Sea Part 2 ~ Permanent Preservation Edition Legend PC Game 80’s Chronicle ~ – AKIBA PC Hotline!

Permanent Preservation Edition Legend PC Game 80’s Chronicles As an extra edition of the series “Retro PC Games We Loved, Memories”, this article is “Permanent Preservation Edition Legend PC Game 80’s Chronicle” (Author: Jun Sasaki, Retro Let’s take a look at some articles from the PC Game Club) and introduce them. The page I’m going … Read more

Mercedes-Benz 230 E — Autoreview

We rented this bright yellow sedan from an interesting car rental service. It left the assembly line in 1977 and was originally called the Mercedes-Benz 200: under the hood was a two-liter M115 carburetor engine with 94 hp. paired with a four-speed gearbox. Then for such a car they asked for 19 thousand Deutschemarks. … Read more

From the Grandeur to the Sonata Avante, the evolution of Hyundai’s sedan continues

▲ According to the automobile industry on the 4th, expectations are rising that the domestic sedan market will expand as Hyundai Motor launches a new model of its representative sedan model from the end of 2022. The photo is an edited image of the 7th generation Grandeur published on the official YouTube channel of Hyundai … Read more

Top 5 best-selling video games of the week 29/2022 in France – L’horizon dans le retro – Charts

Like every week, the SELL (the Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers) publishes its top 5 best-selling video games in France, produced by interviewing a panel of more than 2500 points of sale in France. Today is therefore a focus on week 29 of the year 2022 (July 18 to 23, 2022) that is offered to … Read more

NBA players hit the face TS? Kendall’s sweetest boyfriend’s private clothes can also reduce dimensionality | Dressing | Printing | Retro_Sina

Original title: NBA players hit the face TS? Kendall’s sweetest boyfriend’s private server can also reduce dimensionality? The same style of wear channel has been opened! Author: The trend is in stock After 11 years, James has achieved an amazing record in the reappearance of the Drew League. The focus of NBA stars is not … Read more