The training helicopter of the Indian Army threw a mortar shell in the village, killing 3 civilians

(Web Desk) In the Gaya district of the Indian state of Bihar, an army mortar fell on Gola village, killing 3 villagers. The mortar shell fell outside the firing range of the Indian Army, causing casualties. According to an Indian media report, the district SSP said that the incident took place in the village of … Read more

How good urban planning can impact health | International

The rapid and unplanned urbanization of Latin America and the Caribbean has led to many challenges such as the housing affordabilityand, the sustainability of transport or safe access to water and sanitation services. Although many of the problems of poorly managed urbanization can impact people’s quality of life in multiple aspects, its effects on physical … Read more

In pictures.. The Sumerian lens wanders in the Basra Civilization Museum

Alsumaria News publishes pictures of the Basra Civilization Museum, which is located in the presidential palace complex on the banks of the Shatt al-Arab. Basra is currently hosting the Arabian Gulf Cup with the participation of eight teams, including Iraq. Below are photos of the museum. Alsumaria Tv

Sports stars at the wedding of Shahanda Essam El-Hadary..Photos

Essam El-Hadary, the former national team goalkeeper and Olympic goalkeeper coach, celebrated the wedding of his daughter, Shahanda, in the presence of a large number of sports and community stars. The wedding ceremony was attended by Jamal Allam, President of the Football Association, Ahmed Suleiman, Hamada Sidqi, Walid Salah El-Din, Khaled Bebo, Ahmed Nagy and … Read more

The C3 of the future launches much more than logo

The 20 electric cars with the most autonomy on the market The 12 cheapest ‘battery-powered’ cars of the moment Little by little, brands are beginning to explore electrification on a more popular scale, given that practically all manufacturers are betting on ‘putting’ batteries into large, heavy and very expensive cars. Attacking smaller segments has its … Read more