Marcelo Moreno Martins Retires from Bolivian National Team: A Look Back at His 16-Year History

2023-11-14 05:33:44 The historic forward decided to put an end to his history in the Bolivian national team. Dates 5 and 6 of the South American Qualifiers are close to starting, but before the duels for the 2026 World Cup, several news have been generated and one of them is the announcement of Marcelo Moreno … Read more

Extending the Transition Allowance: Advocating for Financial Support for Cohabitants

2023-10-31 05:35:00 From one day to the next, Christine and the two children aged 4 and 8 that she had with her partner, already overwhelmed by grief, were left without resources, or almost. “I had a salary, but I earned much less than my partner. I had to pay off the house loan, we had … Read more

90s Soap Opera Actors: Aging Gracefully and Defying Time with Youthful Looks

2023-10-15 01:00:15 There are many soap opera or television drama titles that were very successful in capturing the hearts of the audience in the 90s. The soap opera actors also gained fame following the success of the dramas they starred in. More than two decades have passed, these soap opera actors are now more than … Read more

What’s Up With Love The Series: Latest News and Updates from the Beloved Indonesian TV Adaptation of AADC

2023-09-15 01:00:00 Beauties must have heard about the film “What’s Up With Love (AADC)” not? Yup, gathering boomingWell, in the 2000s, a television series version was made! “What’s Up With Love The Series“ This is a television series adaptation of the popular Indonesian film namely AADC which was released in 2002. The series was first … Read more