8 movies for a family afternoon session on Prime Video

Sessão da Tarde was part of Globo’s programming for many years, so much so that many of us watched in childhood those classic and nostalgic films that were shown on the plim plim screen. These films were shown hundreds of times, and we were always there, in front of the TV, in a simpler and … Read more

50+ dramas to follow: “The Code of a Lonely Woman” can’t finish the happiness of one person, “First Love” evokes youthful memories─50+ FiftyPlus uses new methods to create his ideal old queen

Text / Nanako picture / each streaming platform Editor’s note: Winter is a good time to wrap up warmly and stay at home to watch dramas. “50+” recommends the topical Japanese drama “First Love” this month. Don’t think that middle-aged people are not suitable for watching pure love dramas. In fact, what we are watching … Read more