President’s Proposal Sparks Controversy: Reactions from Congresswomen Cabal and Valencia

2023-11-14 05:00:00 This proposal by the president unleashed several reactions for and against. The senator of the Democratic Center, Maria Fernanda Cabal was one of the first to respond to President Petro, questioning his attention to the conflict between Israel and Palestine. “In Colombia they kill, kidnap, extort while Petro spends hours warbling about Palestine … Read more

The Transformative Power of Music: Boost Your Mental and Physical Health with the Healing Sounds

2023-10-06 05:00:00 Who hasn’t felt better emotionally after listening to the music they like? Who has not been able to handle the hardest moments of his life in a better way, thanks to connecting with the songs of someone, whom he will probably never meet, but which perfectly reflected his emotions? Friedrich Nietzsche said that … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Nut Benefits: How Incorporating Nuts in Meals Can Improve Health and Digestion

2023-08-31 05:00:00 Beyond consuming them in full, nuts are an excellent option to include them in complete meals. Here we share the specific benefits of each of the nuts. We start with walnuts, they contain omega-3, rich in alpha-linolenic acid and effective in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure and are recommended for use in salads … Read more

Debunking False News: The Truth about José Luis Perales’ Dinner in London

2023-08-08 00:26:47 The Spanish newspaper La Razón spoke with the artist’s son and confirmed that he and his father were having dinner together in London England. “We are in London having dinner together. It is completely false. Please, write something so that the whole world knows it”, quotes the Spanish medium what would be Pablo’s … Read more

Unlocking Happiness: The Power of Well-being Hormones for Joyful Living

2023-08-05 17:19:22 Stimulating joy and happiness is possible. Within the clinical spectrum there is a group of hormones known as ‘well-being hormones’, some of the best known are dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin, which receive that name since they usually produce feelings happy, that is, joy, explains the Harvard Medical School (HMS) of USA. To … Read more