César Escola: Music, Comedy, and Commentary – A Look into the Life of the ‘Yo Me Llama’ Judge

2023-11-19 03:17:49 In 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, César Escola was born, a musician, composer and presenter who fell in love with Colombia being part of various productions and appearing on channels such as RCN and Caracol television. But without a doubt he has managed to stand out in the singing program ‘Yo me llama’ … Read more

President’s Proposal Sparks Controversy: Reactions from Congresswomen Cabal and Valencia

2023-11-14 05:00:00 This proposal by the president unleashed several reactions for and against. The senator of the Democratic Center, Maria Fernanda Cabal was one of the first to respond to President Petro, questioning his attention to the conflict between Israel and Palestine. “In Colombia they kill, kidnap, extort while Petro spends hours warbling about Palestine … Read more

Luis Diaz’s Father Released by ELN After Kidnapping: Latest Updates and Reactions

2023-11-09 18:11:38 Luis Díaz’s parents were kidnapped last Saturday, October 28 in Colombia. Photo: LR composition/Episcopal Conference of Colombia/X The father of the Liverpool player Luis DiazLuis Manuel Díaz, was released after twelve days of captivity by the National Liberation Army (ELN). The soccer player’s father was handed over to a humanitarian commission of the … Read more

Controversial Costume of Verónica Alcocer Sparks Public Outrage: Exploring Satire and its Impact on Social Media

2023-11-01 16:59:50 Like the first of November, social networks around the world place a strong emphasis on talking about the choice of costumes of those belonging to the Colombian jet set. Proof of this were the thousands of reactions provoked by the ‘clown’ outfit of the Colombian first lady, Verónica Alcocer, an outfit that was … Read more

President Gustavo Petro’s Meeting with Joe Biden: Leaders Summit for Prosperity in the Americas

2023-10-20 22:12:34 President Gustavo Petro would have a new meeting with the US president, Joe Biden. This would be within the framework of a summit of leaders for collaboration in the Americas for economic prosperity. Petro is one of the guests of the White House to attend this meeting of leaders of the Western Hemisphere. … Read more

Controversy Surrounding Manipulated Video of President Gustavo Petro’s UN Speech: Exploring the Alterations and Reactions

2023-09-23 22:09:35 Mexico City ∙ The applause during the speech delivered by Colombian President Gustavo Petro at the UN General Assembly in New York was controversial. The applause received by US President Joe Biden’s speech was edited by the Colombian President’s office and released along with Petro’s speech. The news agency Associated Press (AP) discovered … Read more

The Scandal of Nicolás Petro: Money Laundering, Illicit Enrichment, and the Presidential Campaign

2023-08-05 15:11:43 LOOK: Nicolás Petro bought a mansion, an apartment and a Mercedes Benz in one year: everything the tax accusation says Petro Burgos, 37, was arrested on Saturday, July 29 in Barranquilla along with his ex-wife, Daysuris Vásquez, and later charged with the crimes of money laundering and illicit enrichment. The case broke out … Read more

Consequences for Ricardo Roa’s Campaign and Ecopetrol: Stock Market Impact and Board of Directors’ Concern

2023-08-04 11:32:45 There is a lot of information today, this issue has and will have consequences for many people in the campaign and the government, eyes are on the manager of the Ricardo Roa campaign. The problem is that Ricardo Roa is the president of Ecopetrol, one of the most important companies in the country, … Read more