Ghanaian Man’s Deceptive Scheme to Obtain Belgian Driver’s License Exposed

2023-09-14 09:52:38 Serge, a Ghanaian from Grammont, had to pass his driving test to be able to work. Indeed, this precious document that he obtained in Africa is not valid in Belgium. of videos Also, he attempted the theoretical exam twelve times in Flanders, without success, reports the DH. Faced with these multiple failures, he … Read more

Title: “Tired of Rumors: Boulangerie in Robertville Makes a Radical Decision”

2023-07-25 18:00:00 “We are tired of all that”, begins Philippe Gerlache. “It’s really relentless,” continues Bianca, his wife. The couple, who have been running a bakery for 13 years in the village of Robertville, in Waimes, are fed up. Enough to ? Rumors being spread about him. They have been multiplying for a year. This … Read more

Stop Telemarketing Calls: A Guide to the ‘Don’t Call Me Anymore’ List and More

2023-06-05 05:00:00 Telephone operators, energy suppliers, furniture stores and other commercial firms are fond of it. They love to call you on your phone, landline or mobile, to sell you their products, promote their promotions, give you a gift for your birthday, etc. It can be fun but it can be irritating sometimes. Those who … Read more

“Community Theatre: A Radical and Inclusive Artform for Social Transformation”

2023-04-22 17:03:42 Virginia Martínez (coordinator of the Zonas Comunes community theater): “We are of radical inclusion”The newspaper The collective and the territory are the essential ingredients of community theater, a concept that moves away from the traditional idea of ​​theater. This project arises from an initiative of Virginia Martinez y Sebastian Ramirezdirectors of Common zones. … Read more

Bai Rui Ying: Short-term fluctuations are violent and should not be too aggressive jqknews

【Pre-market interpretation】 On Friday, the market was again blocked at the 3150 point platform and fluctuated within a narrow range.Shanghai IndexOpened high and closed in the red at the end of the session, while the Shenzhen market performed slightly weaker and ended in green. In the early stage, we reminded the rebound to pay attention … Read more

This would have been Scarface 2, a game canceled by Radical Entertainment

The videogame Scarface: The World Is Yours could have a sequel. the youtube channel Mafia Game Videos has collected concept art of this Scarface 2 which, if successful, would have developed Radical Entertainment in 2009. These illustrations have been making the rounds during the profiles of various artists on the ArtStation platform, but have gone … Read more