In the video, Al-Salmi reveals the secret behind a strange decision made by Renard in the Poland match

Al-Marsad Sports: Sports analyst Imad Al-Salmi spoke about the decision of the French national team coach, Hervé Renard, to replace the player Nawaf Al-Abed in the Poland match, despite the passage of a few minutes after the player was pushed in the second half of the match, a decision that surprised a large segment of … Read more

Four worrying health reasons behind chapped lips • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper – Agencies: Dry lips are usually an indication of dehydration or exposure to weather conditions such as wind, sun and low humidity. However, the change of seasons can’t always be blamed for chapped lips. Dry lips can also be a sign of underlying health issues, says Lisa Borg, a dermatologist and nutritionist at … Read more

In the video, a Saudi researcher in metaphysics identifies 3 signs of the presence of jinn in the house

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Abdul Rahman Al-Zuhaifi, a researcher in metaphysics, spoke of signs indicating the presence of jinn in the room or house. And he said, through his account on “Tik Tok”, that the first sign is the feeling of chills in the body and your hair standing, adding that the second sign is feeling … Read more

There are 7 worlds in the universe and man has similar copies and has 7 chances to enter heaven • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Saudi researcher in metaphysics, “Abdul Rahman Al-Zuhaifi” said that there are 7 worlds in the universe and man has similar copies. He added, during a video clip that he posted on his account on the “Tik Tok” application, there are 7 lands, meaning there are 7 worlds, and you are now in … Read more

Watch .. Al-Shehri reveals an unexpected reason behind the decline in Taliska’s level • Sports Observatory

Al-Marsad Sports: Sports critic Mubarak Al-Shehri spoke about the reason for the decline in the level of Taliska, the Al-Nasr player, this season, after he was always the initiator on the field in the team’s matches last season. During his appearance on the “Sports Harvest” program, Al-Shehri indicated that “the mood of the local player” … Read more

Banu Rasib is the most knowledgeable of God’s creation..and his knowledge is under the feet of the Sphinx! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The researcher in metaphysics, Abdul Rahman Al-Zuhaifi, talked about the knowledge that Banu Raseb reached, and the relationship of the Egyptian army to the matter. And he said through his account on “Tik Tok”: “Now we are ignorant of the knowledge of Banu Rasib. If one of them saw us using the car, … Read more