Ahmed Al-Shamrani reveals the strangest reason behind his desire for Al-Ahly not to achieve the “Yellow League” title – video

Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Ahmed Al-Shamrani wished that Al-Ahly Club would not achieve the Yellow League this season so that it would not be written in the club’s history. Al-Shamrani said, through an appearance on the “Sada Al-Mulaeb” program: “The title is not coveted. We hope that Al-Ahly will not achieve the league title so … Read more

barked incessantly and would not allow the owner to sit down; Rottweiler saved from attack by Black Mamba

The love dogs have for their owners cannot be overstated. They do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for their master. Such an incident took place at a house in Escombe, Queensburgh the other day. The Rottweiler dog owner was not allowed to sit on the couch where he was supposed to rest in the … Read more

Harry reveals the truth behind the famous feud between Meghan and Kate

Prince Harry claims the feud The dispute between his wife Meghan and his sister-in-law Kate was greatly aggravated by Kate, who was furious that Meghan took a full day to respond to her about her daughter Princess Charlotte’s dress ahead of Meghan and Harry’s wedding in 2018. According to the newspaper “MirrorHarry wrote in his … Read more

Nadine Al-Rassi surprises everyone: No one knows what is behind closed doors

After the tragedy that befell the Lebanese actress Nadine Al-Rassi a few months ago, with the death of her brother, the late artist George Al-Rassi, today she is trying to restore her artistic activity, after stopping as a result of the shock that befell her, as it was not easy for her to absorb what … Read more

Plans to invade space in 2023… What is the reason behind returning to the moon?

Countries and space agencies plan to send trips to the moon and other space missions in the year 2023, and in this report, the network reviewed “BBC” British these plans. trips to the moon India: India is working to launch the Chandrayaan 3 mission to the moon in June 2023, using a lander and a … Read more