“It can’t go on like this”: FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki threatens to stop traffic lights | politics

He’s had enough! FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki (70) has had enough of toad swallowing at the traffic lights – and of the ever-changing demands of red and green! Kubicki calculates in BILD: ► CROCKLE “The Greens and SPD are constantly coming up with new demands – that’s no longer possible. If that doesn’t change in … Read more

Before the citizen money summit: now penalties for support recipients politics

On Wednesday evening, the mediation committee in the Bundesrat meets and wants to get the controversial citizen’s allowance off the ground. Traffic lights and the opposition have been working on the plans for the social benefits on which 5.3 million people in Germany depend for a week. Now the finale in the permanent dispute! So … Read more

Watch… a shocking response from the “Madam” program announcer regarding her expectations for Al-Akhdar’s match with Argentina

Al-Marsad Newspaper: “Audi Al-Zaben”, the presenter of the “My Lady” program broadcast on the “Rotana Gulf” channel, asked her colleague, “Roaa Rayan”, about her expectations for the Saudi match against Argentina in the 2022 World Cup, and the latter’s response was shocking. Where “Ryan” said: “I am always with Saudi Arabia, but when Argentina plays, … Read more

The Crown Prince announces the establishment of the second edition of the “Green Middle East” initiative in Egypt.. Find out the details

Al-Marsad newspaper – SPA: His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Prime Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Green Saudi Arabia – may God protect him – announced the launch of the second edition of the “Green Middle East Initiative Summit” on November 7 and The “Green … Read more

Environmental sinner Habeck: Floating oil power plants will soon generate electricity politics

Von: Michael Bassewitz, Ralf Schuler, Hans-Jörg Vehlewald and Jan W. Schäfer Economics and Climate Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) has a problem. He wants to promise people safe electricity in times of war – but still wants to shut down one nuclear power plant (NPP) after the other because the green ideology demands it. So that … Read more

Van der Bellen weak with the boys

WIEN Incumbent Van der Bellen had a clear victory against six competitors on Sunday. Extrapolations put him at 56 percent, Rosencrantz at around 18 percent. The final result, including the more than 800,000 postal votes, should be available on Monday evening. Voter turnout was estimated at 65 percent. Since the 78-year-old achieved an absolute majority … Read more