Recognizing Early Signs of Stroke: Al-Shehri’s Expert Advice for Prompt Treatment

2023-12-13 22:05:57 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Saud Al-Shehri revealed in a video clip the early signs of a stroke, after which one must go for treatment immediately. Al-Shehri said: There are signs of an early stroke, if it occurs within 3 to 4 hours, the patient must receive medical treatment so that he does not suffer … Read more

The Benefits of Fermented Dairy Products for Heart Health and Diabetes Prevention – Al Marsad Newspaper

2023-11-19 06:54:55 Al Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: Several scientific studies have revealed that eating two small servings of yogurt and fermented dairy products daily can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Prevents the development of insulin resistance According to doctors, fermented dairy products also lower cholesterol levels and prevent the development of … Read more

Final Ruling Revealed: Details of Al-Baha Securities Case – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-11-19 01:58:42 Al-Marsad newspaper: “Okaz” newspaper revealed the details of the final ruling on the defendants in the suspicious “Al-Baha Securities” case. Judge and notary public The newspaper said that the Supreme Court approved the ruling of the Court of Appeal, which stipulates imprisonment for periods of up to 70 years for 26 defendants in … Read more

Discover the Benefits and Risks of Green Juice: Daily Medical’s Expert Insights

2023-11-17 23:23:41 Al-Marsad newspaper: Nutrition experts, through the Daily Medical website, revealed “green juice,” which is considered one of the most famous juices that rely on green vegetables and fruits, and has many benefits for the body. Experts explained that one of the most famous ingredients used in making this juice is celery. Boiling. Turnip. … Read more

These zodiac signs will get everything they wish for in November. Are you among them?

2023-11-01 08:55:01 As the month of November begins, some zodiac signs will have the opportunity to witness the transformation of their dreams into reality, with a generous dose of self-confidence. Nothing is out of reach for making wishes come true. Who are these zodiac signs? LibraAlthough it may seem surprising, deep down, you have a … Read more

Unlocking the Power of the Mediterranean Diet: Preventing 32 Chronic Diseases

2023-10-26 05:09:29 Al-Marsad newspaper: Scientists at the Chinese University of Guangzhou discovered that the Mediterranean diet, which includes eating plant foods, cheese, seafood, nuts and legumes, protects against 32 serious diseases. According to the journal Nature, researchers discovered that people who ate the foods described in the Mediterranean diet had a reduced risk of developing … Read more

In the video… Heba Al-Hussein reveals new details about her separation from Ayed Al-Qarni and what she said to him in their last meeting before the divorce.

2023-10-21 21:26:04 Al-Marsad newspaper: Actress Heba Al-Hussein revealed the details of her last meeting with her husband, Ayed Al-Qarni, before the separation, and how she asked him to do so. Al-Hussein said during her interview on the Ihki Malik podcast: I was sitting in my house and in the last conversation that happened between me … Read more

People born under these zodiac signs do not get along at all. Are you among them?

2023-10-14 07:33:45 People born under these signs may not agree with each other, but this does not mean that you should not try your luck. In fact, if you like someone from a different sign than you, but you try to change your character, he may also change his character until you meet at a … Read more