Attention tenants! Mandatory renovations also affect apartments | politics

The EU’s compulsory renovation plan only affects homeowners? Not at all! The EU Parliament voted on Tuesday for stricter requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings. This means that by 2023 residential buildings should at least achieve energy efficiency class “E”, by 2033 energy efficiency class “D”. This also has an impact on millions of … Read more

Energy, holidays, home ownership: are the Greens destroying our prosperity? | politics

Frontal attack by CSU boss Markus Söder (56) on Robert Habeck and the Greens! ► The eco-party is “bourgeois and illiberal”, Germany’s “ban party number 1”, says Söder in BILD am SUNDAY. Habeck’s plans: “an attack on the middle class”, anti-social and poison for the economy! Is that correct? The BILD fact check: Heating Economics … Read more

Scholz wants 10,000 new wind turbines: power supply escalates at traffic lights politics

Hammer number from the chancellor! Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) wants to plant at least 10,000 new wind turbines (previously 28,000) in the country by 2030! He promised that in BILD am SONNTAG. And his Economics Minister Robert Habeck (53, Greens) paves the way for this: grinds the protection of species and citizen participation by emergency … Read more

Government gives energy abroad – we have to save: The big electricity scandal | politics

While electricity prices in Germany shot through the roof in 2022, we sold 62 terawatt hours of electricity abroad – more than ever before! Means: The Germans have to save electricity and money – but our neighbors laugh up their sleeves because we give them our energy. BILD presents the bill in the billions. Read … Read more

FDP threatens Habeck with coalition break because of announced “electricity rationing” | politics

The FDP threatens the Greens and the SPD with breaking the coalition! “We will not go along the path to de-industrialization!” Said the energy policy spokesman for the FDP, Michael Kruse (39), to BILD when asked whether the dispute over electricity bottlenecks could blow up the traffic light alliance. Background: The FDP has doubts about … Read more

This is how the Foreign Minister won the hearts of the Indians: barefoot baerbock! | politics

An Indian proverb says: “When one foot goes, the other rests…” For Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (41, Greens), however, peace was unthinkable during her 32-hour visit to the second largest country in the world (1.4 billion inhabitants). After a year full of crisis summits in noble locations, Baerbock had to prove its cross-country mobility in … Read more