Honda’s new “top-of-the-line minivan” is back for the first time in two years! A keen eye on the highly anticipated new Odyssey! “Black interior is luxurious” and “cheaper than Alver” attracts interest – Automobile News

2023-12-10 07:10:00 Honda’s new “top-of-the-line minivan” is back for the first time in two years! A keen eye on the highly anticipated new Odyssey! “The black interior is luxurious” and “it’s cheaper than Alver” attracting interest. car news Honda’s new model “Odyssey” released! “The cheapest model” costs just under 5 million yen!? It also comes … Read more

Official price starts from 969,000, dual model configuration, Ford Focus Active Wagon released in China | U-CAR News

2023-12-05 03:08:28 Ford Liuhe Automobile chose to launch the Ford Focus Active Wagon car series in China for the first time on December 5, 2023, offering Focus Active Wagon We also provide an exclusive early bird discount for the Focus Active Wagon car series, where you can purchase a set of Thule bicycle rack and … Read more

Tesla Cybertruck, an electric pickup truck with a strong design and a maximum range of 756 km. Price starts at 2.1 million baht in the US.

2023-12-04 03:20:06 After the past year 2019, Tesla by Elon Musk has revealed information that it will produce an electric pickup truck for sale. At that time some information was revealed. Along with pictures of the company’s electric pickup truck.Tesla It came with a very strange shape, which at that time was considered a huge … Read more

With a pre-sale price starting from 5.74 million yuan and the first wave of 3 model configurations, Porsche unveiled its facelifted Panamera model – U-CAR

2023-11-24 14:29:25 Pre-sale price starts from 5.74 million yuan, the first wave of 3 models is set, Porsche’s major facelift Panamera model series is released U-CARStarting from 5.74 million!Porsche’s facelifted Panamera launches with more standard features and entry threshold raised by RMB 500,000 ETtoday car cloudMore digital, more luxurious and more energy-saving, the third generation … Read more

SYM Dijue 125 has increased displacement and fuel consumption exceeds 60km/L!Jumped to the second place among the most fuel-efficient motorcycles produced in China

2023-11-21 08:58:00 In the energy consumption certificate issued by the Energy Bureau in September this year, Gwangyang’s new Haomai 125 appeared. The displacement remained at 124.6cc, but the fuel consumption data improved from the original 61.3km/L to 61.5km/L. Then in the latest fuel consumption data from the Energy Bureau in October, the SYM Dijue 125 … Read more

Discover the BMW 420i Coupé M Sport: Luxury, Power, and Performance in Thailand

2023-11-19 12:54:16 BMW Thailand adds more options to the 4 Series family by launching the BMW 420i Coupé M Sport sports coupe, decorated in M ​​Sport style all around, with a maximum power of 184 horsepower, with an official selling price of 3,699,000 baht (price includes package BSI Standard) As mentioned above, the exterior of … Read more