New Year-style Ford Mondeo Wagon diesel-electric/ST-Line diesel is introduced simultaneously, and the official price is 1.099 million yuan, 1.299 million yuan, | U-CAR News

Following the previously announced pre-sale price of 1.1 million for the petrol-electric version, Ford Mondeo Wagon officially announced today (10/14) the new year’s power and … Read more

Ford Kuga has added “LV2 Super Quality”, priced at 929,000! Focus mid-range models are renamed uniformly, the prices of four-door and five-door are unchanged, and Active increases by 10,000 yuan | U-CAR News

On October 1, 2021, Ford Liuhe held a press conference for the “LV2 Super-Quality New Car Front”, which included Ford Kuga’s newly-added “LV2 Super-Quality” entry … Read more

It is expected to be officially listed before the end of August at the earliest, with a pre-sale price of 798,000 yuan, and the pre-sale of the VWCV Caddy Cargo booth will start | U-CAR News

After VWCV (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle) officially released the fifth-generation Caddy Maxi bus version on July 16, 2021, the distribution channel has reported the pre-sale of … Read more