All car series are 10,000 yuan lower than the pre-sale, the 23-year-old Nissan Juke is officially launched, and 2 new car colors are added to the appearance | U-CAR News

Yulon Nissan Motor officially announced the 2023 Nissan Juke on November 18. Previously, Yulon Nissan Motor launched pre-sales on the official website on October 15. 959,000 yuan for the version and 999,000 yuan for the driving pleasure version. The top-level driving pleasure version is equipped with full-leather Monoform ergonomic sports car seats, a Bose Personal … Read more

Ford in Europe launched the Kuga ST-Line X Black Package blackened special version, continuing the product charm, the last battle before the minor facelift?

Ford of Europe recently launched the Kuga ST-Line X Black Package. Based on the original ST-Line appearance, a blackening package was introduced, including exclusive front bumper, blackened roof and rear wing painting, and 20-inch multi-spoke painted aluminum rims. , mirror caps, etc. The model nameplates of Kuga and ST-Line are also blackened, and seats certified … Read more

[U-EV]Say goodbye to ultrasonic sensing, Taiwan’s Tesla Model Y and Model 3 will all be replaced by Tesla Vision pure vision solutions

Following the previous cancellation of the configuration of the millimeter-wave radar and the sensing of the related AutoPilot functions by the Tesla Vision vision lens system, the original Tesla factory recently announced on the official website that since the beginning of October, it will be sold in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Taiwan. … Read more

The unit price of the distribution terminal is 1.549 million, the milk cap green two-color is 1.555 million, and the quotation of the CMC Veryca A180 Lingli lift-top camper is out | U-CAR News

U-CAR has only previously reported that Zhonghua Automobile has launched a new car color of milk cap green for the Veryca A180, and even simultaneously launched a modified lift-top kit that can be purchased at an additional price, as well as a weekly camping kit set, especially the lift-top that can be legally listed. The … Read more

V10 last dance!The maximum horsepower is 602 horsepower, and the world’s limited edition of 333 Audi R8 Coupé V10 GT RWD debuts

As the representative of Audi performance car R8, in 2021, the original factory confirmed that the next-generation model will abandon the V10 engine and turn to the electric motor instead, and it is rumored that the final version of the model may be launched as soon as this fall, and it will be officially discontinued … Read more

Consumer Reports Real Road Test Reveals the 10 Best Tire Brands of 2022!

The quality of tires has a considerable impact on the driving experience. The well-known American vehicle evaluation agency “Consumer Reports” has conducted actual road test ratings for 32 tire brands and more than 170 different tire models through huge tire test data. Tire brand average scores and rank. In order to evaluate the quality of … Read more