JAB Holding Company: Succession Change and Global Investment Focus

2023-11-22 19:36:12

The Flemish forty-year-old succeeds Olivier Goudet, who has managed the company since 2012. Mr. Creus had already worked for Jab Holding Company since 2010.

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“Since his arrival, he has been instrumental in the development of JAB as a global investment fund focused on consumer goods and services, also becoming a member of the extended Reimann family,” reads the statement. communicated. The Reimann family, one of the richest in Germany, owns the fund.

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JAB is notably the main shareholder of Keurig Dr Pepper, the beverage company behind Dr Pepper, Canada Dry and 7up. It is also a controlling shareholder of JDE Peet’s, a coffee and tea company (Douwe Egberts, Senseo, L’Or, Pickwick…), and of Coty Inc, a beauty products company. The fund owns the Swiss luxury brand Bally and has interests in the foodservice and pet care sectors.

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