Birth of a new opposition coalition

Des responsible for the DMP

In view of the upcoming elections, a new opposition coalition has just emerged in Togo. This is the Dynamics for the Majority of the People (DMP) which is nothing more than a name change from the Dynamics Mgr Kpodzro (DMK) which brings together 7 opposition political parties and 7 civil society organizations. .

In a press release dated April 10, 2023, the conference of presidents of the DMP indicated that the creation of this new Dynamic responds to the will of the patriarch not to go to the elections with a coalition that bears his name.

“It also responds to the need and the will of the members of the Conference of Presidents to give themselves the means to organize themselves and mobilize the people with a view to satisfying the points of demands contained in the introductory declaration of the press conference. of the DMK of March 31 in order to create favorable conditions for the holding of inclusive, transparent and democratic legislative elections,” the document reads.

These demands include the release of all political prisoners, the return of political exiles including Mgr Philippe Fanoko Kpodzro, Dr Agbéyomé Messan Kodjo, Tikpi Atchadam and others.

The demands also take into account obtaining the conditions of inclusiveness and transparency of the next legislative elections (composition and functioning of the CENI and its subdivisions, reforms concerning electoral boundaries, the method of the ballot, the proclamation polling station by polling station results).

To this end, the DMP called on the people to mobilize alongside it to make the next legislative elections “an opportunity for the second round of the electoral revolution which began on February 22, 2020, thus materializing the alternation at the top of the Togolese State”.

As a reminder, Togo is actively preparing to organize regional and legislative elections this year. The electoral census is announced from April 29 to June 3.

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