“Find Tax Information Easily: Ministry of Finance’s Website for Article 22 of Budget Law 2022”

2023-05-13 17:09:42

The Ministry of Finance issued a statement saying: “The Ministry reminds citizens that it will continue tomorrow, Sunday, by opening its doors to taxpayers to cut receipts and pay their dues in relation to Article 22 of the Budget Law 2022 in its building in the Directorate of Revenues and TVA in Adliya – Corniche Al-Nahr “.

The statement added, “The Ministry wishes those concerned who wish to know if they are charged with a fee or tax or not, to enter the website of the Ministry of Finance to view the details of their file before they go to the competent departments in the aforementioned building, in order to alleviate the burden for them and for the workers in the administration.” The Ministry’s website is www.Finance.gov.lb.

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