Mayor of Semarang Threatens to Provide Witnesses for ASN Skipping – 2024-04-18 16:28:34

Illustration – Semarang City ASN who skip school are threatened with sanctions in the form of TPP (MI/Usman Iskandar) The Semarang City Government does not implement it work from home (WFH). For State Civil Apparatus (ASN) who are absent, the Mayor of Semarang, Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu, threatened to impose a sanction of cutting additional employee … Read more

Jakub Bahník – Wahid Najand | ONLINE | 23/03/2024 20:40 | Octagon MMA 2024 | LIVE

That’s it for this duel. We are definitely not done in Stuttgart yet, because in a few minutes the match between Karol Ryšavý and Arijan Topallaj will start. Disappointment on the Czech side, because the Afghan Wahid Najand wins on points with a close ratio of 2:1. From the beginning, Kuba Bahník went after a … Read more

Penalty | Soccer | Sports

When Jan Oblak put his right foot slightly in front of the line, he left his left foot behind it so that no one could doubt the validity of his action. He went to look for Klaassen’s penalty kick full of faith and quality. He did it with the conviction of someone who had already … Read more

Midfielder Nguyen Thanh Binh made a mistake, striker Dong A Thanh Hoa… had enough

After Vietnam National Team’s loss to Indonesia National Team, many Vietnamese fans aggressively searched for midfielder Nguyen Thanh Binh’s personal page. The cause came from a pulling phase that led to a penalty in the 41st minute by a player on Viettel’s staff. From a long pass from the opponent, Nguyen Thanh Binh did not … Read more

Carlos Sainz’s Controversial Las Vegas Grand Prix Race: FIA Sanctions and Ferrari Outburst

2023-11-18 22:27:44 Carlos Sainz was the second best in the Las Vegas Grand Prix classification; However, the Spaniard was sanctioned by the FIA ​​with 10 positions after some modifications that were made to his car after the incident he had with a sewer during the first day of free practice. After what happened, the Ferrari … Read more

UAE Ministry of Human Resource Development Unemployment Insurance Scheme: Deadline, Fines, and Penalties Explained

2023-11-18 04:08:01 Dubai: For those who are not covered by the unemployment insurance scheme UAE Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Home Affairs The fine was imposed. The deadline to join the scheme is October 1. Violators were found in the Sanicha incident and fined by the ministry. Intoxicating. The fine is 400 dirhams. … Read more

Burger Wars: Exploring the Profitability and Survival of Restaurant Chains

2023-11-03 10:30:00 Published on Wednesday October 18, 2023 at 5:51 p.m. Burger restaurant chains are multiplying everywhere and it’s not by chance. The burger for a restaurateur is very profitable. It is even more so when low-end food is served. With frozen steaks costing 50 cents each or a block of industrial cheese that contains … Read more

Tragic Crash: Teenager Captures Final Moments as Driver Inhales Laughing Gas – Find Out More

2023-10-31 18:10:00 Bonney-Rae Barrow, 15, captured her final moments as the van she was a passenger in left the road, slammed into a metal barrier and plunged into a ravine, five meters below. Before that, the 24-year-old driver had just inhaled laughing gas and was driving dangerously, reports the Manchester Evening News. But the teenager … Read more