Jakub Bahník – Wahid Najand | ONLINE | 23/03/2024 20:40 | Octagon MMA 2024 | LIVE

That’s it for this duel. We are definitely not done in Stuttgart yet, because in a few minutes the match between Karol Ryšavý and Arijan Topallaj will start.

Disappointment on the Czech side, because the Afghan Wahid Najand wins on points with a close ratio of 2:1.

From the beginning, Kuba Bahník went after a clear goal and in the first two rounds he had Najand naked, but he could not end the duel with other combinations. The third round was clearly under the direction of Wahid, but it still seemed to most that the victory would go to Cuba, but the judges finally favored the Afghan wrestler.

In the interview, Najand thanked all the fans and is satisfied with his win.

Winner: Wahid Najand (on points)


Bahník was able to incredibly throw his opponent to the ground, but Wahid did the same and ends up in the top position.


Kuba doesn’t let anything get in his way and gets back on his feet relatively easily.


Jacob B is in huge trouble where he can’t do anything on the ground with hard punches.


Wahid is definitely better in the third round, which he confirmed by taking him to the ground, where Cuba is in a disadvantageous position.


At the moment, Najand cleverly recorded a kick to the liver and Kuba headed forward, but the Afghan landed a punch and we go to the ground.


It is still continued without major intervention in the attitude. Both fighters are aware of the seriousness of the situation.


Wahid tried a good front kick to the thigh, but Kuba didn’t budge.


The last round starts at a slower pace and so far without major blows.


Start of round 3.

The middle round of the attractive fight is over. In the beginning, Bahník hit well, but Najand defended himself and the rest of the round was more of a scramble at the net.


Mudman is still pressed against the cage, but here Najand is unable to think of anything else.


The second round takes place at a slower pace, where the Afghan wrestler is currently reigning.


Najand doesn’t let himself be embarrassed at all and grabs a good takedown and we’re on the ground for a while.


Mudnik was able to get out of the awkward clinch and we’ll go into stance again.


For quite some time now, we have been passively clinging to the mesh. So far, Wahid is still in a better position.


The Afghan was able to avoid major complications and gets the fight to the net, where he will push.


Kuba Bahník is riding again! From the start of the middle round, he pushed forward hard and landed a good head kick that sent Wahid to the ground, so Cuba would hold the top position.


Start of round 2.

The opening round of the incredible duel is over. There were interesting combinations to be seen from both sides, and especially Bahníkovo were tough. The Czech fighter gets a round for himself.


Again, both fighters got into a series of blows to the head. Both are holding on bravely and we will go to the second round.


Najand decides to go into stance, so he sends Kuba a good front, but he remains calm.


After a fast start, the match calmed down a bit. We still continue at the cage.


The mudguard is currently uncomfortably pressed against the mesh, but thanks to the good coverage, it doesn’t take any hits.


Kuba was able to defend the ground and after a good spin, he raises the fate of the encounter.


Wahid has the dominant position on the ground so far, but he is getting elbows from the top position.


Huge shootout in the first minute! Jakub Bahník hit a series of incredible punches that floored Najand, but the Afghan stayed on his feet and moved the fight to the ground.


The match started very hard for us, especially a good backhand hit by Wahid.


Start of round 1.

The main judge in the cage will be Pavel Touš.

Freed From Desire is playing in the hall and that means that Jakub Bahník is rushing into the cage.

For calm songs, Wahid Najand comes first to the cage.


Here we witnessed precision, as both fighters fit exactly within the 74 kilogram limit.
Wahid looked confident at the staredown, and he had some words for Baník. But the Czech fighter ignored them.

Jakub “Jacob B” Bahník
MMA record: 9 wins / 4 losses (OCTAGON: 5 wins / 1 loss)

The 30-year-old Czech hard knockout machine returns to the cage after an unpleasant injury. Bahník keeps his career at a very high level, having recorded nine wins, but eight of them were finished by KO. He has a more than excellent record in OCTAGON, as all his matches have not gone to the end of the limit and he has only lost once five years ago with Legierski. His last fight was in November against Wanliss, with whom it only lasted 25 seconds because he took a nasty knee to the groin and it was after a battle that ended without a winner. Bahňas will certainly not want to repeat this past in Stuttgart.

Will we witness another KO from Bahník?

Wahid Najand
MMA record: 7 wins / 2 losses (OCTAGON: 0 wins / 0 losses)

This Afghan fighter will present himself for the very first time under the baton of OKTAGON. He is definitely not just going on a trip, because out of nine MMA fights, he has won seven of them and lost only two. He became a champion in his native country in the SLFC organization, but because of the Taliban, he had to move to Europe in 2021. Here he stepped into the cage for the last time in September of last year, where his opponent was Langowski. At the gala evening in the NFC, he was able to defeat him in the first round by submission and was in great shape for the duel with Bahník.

Will Nazhad surprise the Czech favorite in its premiere?

Beautiful Saturday evening from Stuttgart, Germany! From 18:00 in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, the OKTAGON 55 tournament will be shown for the first time ever. For this occasion, a very attractive card was put together with several domestic fighters, but of course there are fighters from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. There will be a total of 12 matches split into Prelims and Main Card. We will bring you four attractive battles. The second of them will be offered by Jakub Bahník in the weight category up to 74 kilograms, who will face the tough Wahid Najand.

Welcome to the online broadcast. The event starts at 8:30 p.m.

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