Mayor of Semarang Threatens to Provide Witnesses for ASN Skipping – 2024-04-18 16:28:34

Illustration – Semarang City ASN who skip school are threatened with sanctions in the form of TPP (MI/Usman Iskandar)

The Semarang City Government does not implement it work from home (WFH). For State Civil Apparatus (ASN) who are absent, the Mayor of Semarang, Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu, threatened to impose a sanction of cutting additional employee income (TPP).

On the first day of work, based on monitoring by Media Indonesia, ASN within the Semarang City Government was carried out as usual. A simple halal bihalal event was held between ASN and the mayor, before returning to work.

“I hope none of my ASN friends are absent today,” said Hevearita.

Hevearita believes that 10 days of Eid holiday is enough. It’s time for Semarang City Government ASNs to return to work providing services to residents, even though there are several ASNs who applied for permission not to come in today.

Hevearita said that the ASN did not receive permission to enter the first day of work, not because she was going home, but because there was an urgent need that could not be ignored. Like the Head of Ngaliyan Subdistrict because his brother-in-law died and Expert Staff Agus is recovering his health.

“I got permission last night,” he added.

However, if it is found that there are still ASN truants, according to Hevearita, strict sanctions will be given, namely deductions from additional employee income (TPP).

To ensure that there are no truant ASNs, said Hevearita, the leadership has been asked to immediately report employee absences and the personnel sector to check directly with each regional apparatus organization (OPD). (Z-3)

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