“It makes you wonder if he really realizes how rich he is”

In 2012, Adrian Bayford’s life changed completely. That year, the Briton won 148 million pounds sterling, or 187 million euros, at EuroMillions. Since he won this astronomical sum, the man has never really stopped talking about him. Whether positively or negatively. Read also The nightmare continues for this Euromillions winner: his 15-year-old son between life … Read more

“Mo Yong” reveals the results of a study indicating immunity that arises from infection with vaccines. will live longer than vaccination alone

Prof. Yong Phuwarawan, MD, a specialist in virology Came out to post a message revealing the results of the study, indicating that immunity arising from infection with vaccines will live longer than the landscape that has been vaccinated alone It also has the ability to prevent and reduce the severity of the disease as well. … Read more

Enough Filler and Botox, see how it looked (photos)

Actress Nadine Nassib Njeim published new photos through her account on the “Instagram” application, in which she appeared without makeup. She commented on the pictures, saying: “My daily secret is without makeup. I use my own product for a fresh and radiant look. I can’t wait for you to try it too. Soon.” It is … Read more

The arrival of the green comet to the closest point to Earth in early February

date of publication : Monday 11:21 2023-1-30 Last update : Monday 11:26 2023-1-30 Oman – Opinion The head of the Jordanian Astronomical Society, Dr. Ammar Al-Sakji, said that the green comet, which was discovered by American astronomers in the spring of last year, will reach the closest point to Earth in its orbit around the … Read more

A new disaster.. The Public Prosecutor orders the deduction of 15 points from Juventus in the league

Rome, Radwan Ali Al-Hassan Yesterday, Friday evening, the Italian Federal Court ruled that “Juventus” be punished by deducting 15 points from its league balance, in the “alleged fraud of accounts in the transfers of the team’s players,” known as the “profiteering case.” Based on the decision, Juventus will drop in the Calcio ranking table, to … Read more

“Mo Yong” recommends following the announcement from “WHO” pointing out that “mask masks” are still important in the fight against COVID-19.

Prof. Yong Phuwarawan, MD, a specialist in virology Advise to follow the announcement from “WHO” about wearing a face mask. It is stated that wearing is still important in the fight against COVID-19. Today (Jan. 18), Prof. Yong Phuwarawan, M.D., Head of the Center of Excellence in Clinical Virology Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University Post … Read more