Title: “The State of Fungal Infections Worldwide: Rising Danger and Growing Resistance”

2023-09-25 20:00:32 Some scientists believe that interest in treating infections caused by fungi around the world is less than the required level, despite them causing many deaths, and this danger is growing, especially due to the increasing resistance of these fungi to currently available treatments, so what is the story? At the National Reference Center … Read more

The Ultimate Liquid Diet for Rapid Weight Loss: Lose 5-7 Kilograms in Two Weeks!

2023-09-25 12:33:35 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Abdul-Ghani Issa revealed an effective method to lose weight from 5 to 7 kilograms in two weeks. He said during a video clip: “The method is a diet through which one can lose weight from 5 to 7 kilograms within two weeks if the person weighs 80 kilograms, or lose … Read more

Watch.. A new look of “Georgina” steaming herself and drinking Saudi coffee • Al Marsad newspaper

2023-09-22 17:57:37 Al-Marsad newspaper: Video clips documented Argentine model Georgina Rodriguez enjoying the Saudi atmosphere, in a new look of her wearing the women’s abaya. Georgina appeared during the clips wearing a green women’s abaya. Georgina appeared during a video clip, speaking Arabic, saying: “Coffee, please,” and drinking Arabic coffee. In another clip, the Argentine … Read more

Vaccination in Gai: Protecting Against Flu and COVID-19 According to Health Regulations | Ministry of Health of the Orenburg Region

2023-09-22 03:00:00 In the first half of the day, vaccination room No. 217 in the city hospital is busy. In the queue are an elderly couple: “We came to protect ourselves from the flu,” a young couple: “We are going to go on vacation, vaccination is required,” a middle-aged man: “So at work they require … Read more

‘Io Capitano’ represents Italy in the race for the Oscars

2023-09-21 21:00:00 On Wednesday evening, the Italian National Association of Film Industries chose Matteo Garrone’s film “Io Capitano” to represent Italy in the race for the Oscars. In this film, Garoni deals with the poignant story of two young Senegalese who are related by family ties. They decide to leave their country and move to … Read more