Managing the Colorado River: The Uncertain Outlook for Winter 2023-24

2023-12-20 15:34:09 The Colorado River flows through Eagle County, Colorado, in March 2019. Snow in the Rockies provides the largest share of the river’s water, which tens of millions of people across the Southwest rely on. (Photo by Mitch Tobin/The Water Desk) James Dilzell, director of the Eagle River Watershed Council, by the river on … Read more

Southeast Coast Storm Preparedness: Flooding, Wind, and Rainfall Expectations

2023-12-17 11:45:05 An intense storm is expected to strengthen as it moves up the Southeast coast Sunday. Some flooding and strong winds are likely across the Wilmington area. Residents are urged to use caution while driving and to be prepared for some power outages. Here’s what you can expect and how you should prepare: Rainfall … Read more

Florida Christmas Weather Forecast 2023: Rain, Snow, and Temperature Projections

2023-12-06 11:05:59 Last year, Florida saw its coldest Christmas in over three decades. An arctic blast slammed into the U.S. with dangerously cold temperatures and heavy snow, fatal car crashes, thousands of canceled flights and millions at risk for power outages. Temperatures dropped into the 20s Christmas morning across north and central Florida, putting it … Read more

Thanksgiving Travel Weather Predictions: Know Before You Go

2023-11-17 16:00:15 Could the weather cause travel nightmares ahead of this Thanksgiving? AccuWeather has an exclusive breakdown of where in the U.S. the weather could cause travel problems in the days leading up to Thanksgiving this year. Will it be a rainy turkey day in Florida next week? So far signs point to no, although … Read more

AccuWeather Predicts Thanksgiving Weather: High 60s to Low 80s Across Florida

2023-11-03 13:57:13 AccuWeather predicts temps in the high 60s to low 80s across Florida Planning your Thanksgiving: When’s the best time to fly? With Thanksgiving fast approaching, many of us suddenly realize we either didn’t plan ahead or have no choice but to travel along with the masses to see our friends and family. Holidays … Read more

Understanding the Impact of a Delayed Monsoon Season and Drought on New Mexico’s Climate

2023-07-11 07:00:00 Triple-digit temperatures are part of a heatwave scorching the southern part of the state and turning up the heat across the rest of New Mexico. But there’s little relief so far from the monsoons – those patterns of afternoon and evening seasonal summer rains that douse the state and often provide crucial moisture. … Read more

Stay Prepared for Severe Weather Conditions in the Quad-State Region: Winter Storm Watch, Rain, and Strong Winds Expected

2023-10-11 14:16:43 Several areas of the quad-state region will see a mix of threatening weather conditions this week. A storm system coming out of the Pacific Northwest and Rockies will make its way into South Dakota with parts of the Black Hills expected to see a winter mix of both rain and snow. The National … Read more

Extreme Heat Warning and Storm Surge Alert: Hurricane Lee’s Impact on Puerto Rico

2023-09-13 10:53:34 Excessive heat with indices of 112 degrees Fahrenheit or more and dangerous storm surges caused by Hurricane Lee north of the Caribbean region will affect Puerto Rico this Wednesday, according to forecasts. The National Weather Service in San Juan issued two heat bulletins, an excessive heat warning and a heat warning, which will … Read more