SC Paderborn vs. FC Hansa Rostock Riots: Consequences, Penalties, and More

2023-12-16 12:50:41 After renewed riots in the 2nd Bundesliga, SC Paderborn has made serious allegations against some fans of FC Hansa Rostock. Hansa CEO Robert Marien wants to hold the rioters accountable. After the riots during the 3-0 defeat in Paderborn, Robert Marien, CEO of Hansa Rostock, announced consequences to “Bild”. An apology and distancing … Read more

The government will no longer allocate housing to the most precarious in priority neighborhoods in order to promote diversity

2023-10-27 18:23:34 Objective: to promote social diversity. The government will ask prefects to no longer allocate housing in priority neighborhoods to households in greatest difficulty, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne announced this Friday. “I ask the prefects to no longer settle, through the allocation of housing or the creation of accommodation places, the most precarious people … Read more

Violent Riots and Brawls between Bayern and Galatasaray Fans: Chaos Before the Champions League Clash

2023-10-24 12:17:14 Violent scenes before the hot premier class duel… On Tuesday evening (6:45 p.m./Amazon Prime Video and Live ticker at comes FC Bayern in the Istanbul cauldron, the Rams Park, near Galatasaray an. Things get heated between the fans even before the game. There are terrible riots and fights between Bayern and Galatasaray … Read more

Exploring the Mighty Mississippi: A Journey through History, Music, and Culture

2023-09-27 09:18:17 Deep in the southern United States, on the outskirts of the small town of Clarksdale, John Ruskey climbs into a canoe and paddles out onto the “father of all rivers,” as they say here. To that murky stream to which America owes so much: power, wealth, world literature, the blues. The water helped … Read more

Rescheduled and Expanded: Mylène Farmer’s Stade de France Concerts in September 2024

2023-07-09 07:38:41 The two concerts of Mylène Farmer at the Stade de France canceled at the end of June due to the urban violence which followed the death of the young Nahel have been rescheduled in September 2024, and a third date has been added, according to a press release published on Sunday. The two … Read more

Tunisia: migrants expelled from Sfax after the death of a young man

2023-07-05 21:11:23 Published on: 05/07/2023 – 23:11 In Sfax, the situation remains tense after the death of a Tunisian Nizar Amri, who was stabbed during an altercation between Tunisians and sub-Saharans on Monday July 3. For several weeks the city has been the scene of clashes between migrants and residents and an anti-migrant demonstration took … Read more

Highlights from the 77th Festival d’Avignon: Transforming the Cour d’honneur and Paying Tribute to Nahel

2023-07-05 21:22:48 The 77th Festival d’Avignon, one of the biggest theatrical events in the world, opened on Wednesday evening with a show transforming the Cour d’honneur into a social center and a minute’s silence in tribute to Nahel, the teenager killed by a policeman whose death sparked an outbreak of violence in France. This minute … Read more

Recent Riots in France: Updates and Efforts for Restoration

2023-07-04 18:32:00 Before the mayors of more than 300 municipalities gathered at the Elysée Palace, the Head of State first said he was “very cautious” about the prospect of a return to calm, while considering that the “peak” of First nights was “past”. He therefore confirmed “exceptional means” to guarantee “sustainable, republican order” and “maintain … Read more