Ethiopia’s Great Renaissance Dam: Updates, Negotiations, and Implications for Egypt and Sudan

2023-09-23 18:35:06 Ethiopia announced on September 10 the end of the filling of the Great Renaissance Dam, sparking immediate condemnation from Cairo, which denounced the illegality of the approach. Egypt and Sudan view the massive dam, which cost $4.2 billion, as a threat to their water supplies. They have repeatedly asked Addis Ababa to stop … Read more

Ukrainian President Zelensky’s Meeting with Sudanese Military Ruler: Insights on Shared Security Challenges

2023-09-23 14:17:57 Atlanta, United States (CNN) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky held an “unscheduled” meeting with the military ruler and head of the armed forces in Sudan, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. Zelensky said, on his account on the X platform, on Saturday, that the two leaders met at Shannon Airport in Ireland and discussed “shared … Read more

Unraveling the Mystery: Ukraine’s Potential Involvement in Sudan’s Conflict

2023-09-22 11:17:55 Is Ukraine taking war with Russia to Sudan? Strange drone attacks and a ground operation against a militia supported by the Wagner Group have attracted attention in the African country where a civil war has been raging for six months in which Russian paramilitaries support one of the fighting factions. A CNN investigation … Read more

Ukraine and its drones, surprise guests of the war in Sudan?

2023-09-20 15:44:14 The American channel CNN said on Wednesday that Ukraine was “probably” behind several drone strikes in Sudan against Wagner mercenaries and paramilitary men of General Mohamed Hamdane Daglo’s Rapid Support Forces. If the information is confirmed, it would be the first Ukrainian attack against Russian interests in Africa. Already busy on the front … Read more

In Goma, families demand justice after the repression of August 30

2023-09-19 20:31:12 Published on : 19/09/2023 – 22:31 In DR Congo, mourning and anger in Goma in the east of the country… Three weeks after the violent repression of an attempted demonstration by the army, families bury their dead. Nearly 60 civilians lost their lives according to the official toll. The government funded this burial … Read more