Austrian integration summit starts on Tuesday (sold out)

2023-12-03 15:15:10 This year the Austrian Integration Summit will take place at the WU Vienna. The event has already sold out, but you can attend via live stream. Vienna (OTS) – Representatives of NGOs, politics, science and other actors from various areas meet at WU Vienna to exchange views on two important topics: labor migration … Read more

US House Foreign Affairs Committee China Bills and HKETO

2023-11-30 14:03:59 2023/11/30 22:03 The Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives passed several China-related bills and plans to revoke the diplomatic status of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in the United States. (Associated Press) [Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]The Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives voted 30 … Read more

AVISO: Inclusion discussions with representatives of the government parties on November 29, 2023

2023-11-27 07:10:32 Exchange with politicians from the ÖVP and the Greens on recommendations for action from the UN Committee of Experts on the Rights of People with Disabilities Vienna (OTS) – Austria ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2008. Their implementation was completed in August 2023 as part of … Read more

Eamon Gilmore in Brussels & His Visit to Cuba: Human Rights, Politics, and Controversy

2023-11-25 04:53:44 Eamon Gilmore in Brussels, in a file image.Yves Logghe (AP) Irishman Eamon Gilmore, special representative of the European Union (EU) for Human Rights, set foot on the streets of Havana this Thursday, just one day after the wake of Luis Barrios, a 37-year-old political prisoner who died this week after being transferred from … Read more

Human Rights Violations in North Africa: A Call for Action by International NGO

2023-11-24 20:09:57 According to its website, this international NGO for the protection and promotion of the rights of the Amazighs, whose members come from all the countries of North Africa, drew the attention of the Special Rapporteur, in particular, to the activities of activist defenders. of Human Rights and the subservience of justice to military … Read more

Call for submission: Making civil courage & activism against violence against women visible

2023-11-23 16:35:12 The COMÚN Foundation and the magazine an.schläge are calling for people to submit activities during “16 Days Against Violence”, funding of 1,000 euros and a large portrait as a prize Every year thousands of women in Austria are confronted with violence – it begins with language, continues with physical attacks and far too … Read more