Tragic Incident in Flémalle: Police Investigate Fatal Beating – Latest Updates

2023-08-05 10:24:25 All in all, on the night of Friday to Saturday, in Flémalle where the police were called for a death after a scene of beatings during an argument that went very badly. “The investigating judge was seized this night”, we confirm at the Liège prosecutor’s office. “The medical examiner also went to the … Read more

Deadly Brawl Between Rival Motorcycle Gangs: Urgent Appeal for Information from Federal Police

2023-08-03 12:33:17 Tuesday morning, we learned that four bikers involved in the deadly brawl between rival gangs appeared before the council chamber. On the night of July 14 to 15, scenes of rare violence erupted during the festivities in the marquee of Péronnes in full view of all the participants. A man had lost his … Read more

Bankruptcy Crisis at Triamant: Unpaid Wages and Unanswered Complaints Leave Employees and Creditors Frustrated

2023-08-02 09:40:00 It has been more than two weeks since several businesses in the care and housing company Triamant were declared bankrupt. According to information from HBVL, some creditors have since already released their claims. In all, the amount amounts to 305,000 euros. “But it’s probably only a small part,” explains curator Dominic Gielen to … Read more

The Shocking Assassination Attempt: David Sentenced for Stabbing Sully 27 Times in Colfontaine

2023-07-22 15:01:00 Assassination attempt: David, who stabbed Sully 27 times in Colfontaine, has just been sentenced! Ten years firm. This is the sentence imposed by the vacation court of Mons, on David. The man was convicted of attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. He stabbed Sully 27 times and got away with it miraculously. … Read more

Latest Updates on Stabbings in Neufchâteau: Health Status of Christophe Revealed by His Friend François

2023-07-14 18:21:11 Stabbings in Neufchâteau: François, the victim’s friend, gives us news of Christophe’s state of health, “he was hit in the heart and in a lung” The night from Wednesday to Thursday, Christophe was stab several times along the shores of Lake Neufchâteau. Operated for 7 hours, he is now in intensive care. His … Read more

Shots Fired Incident in Mons: Updates, Investigation, and Arrest – Latest News

2023-07-13 16:20:02 Several shots were fired this Thursday afternoon in the station area. A large police deployment was visible shortly before 3 p.m. at rue de Chisaire, making it inaccessible. At 5.30 p.m., pedestrians and motorists were finally able to circulate there again. The road remained blocked until 5:30 p.m. -LJ At the scene, a … Read more

Accelerating Discoveries and Innovations: Masterstroke Rules Change for 12 Coups de midi Game – TF1 Press Release

2023-06-05 08:04:07 Read also Céline eliminated from the “12 Coups de midi”: here is when she will leave the game of Jean-Luc Reichmann, and with what amount of money “Attention, change of rules”, warns Jean-Luc Reichmann on social networks, without saying more. During the masterstroke, each correct answer will raise 5,000 euros for the ARC … Read more