Eddy Snelders: Former Football Player’s Arrest and Professional Support

2023-12-06 17:22:08 Sports commentator and former football player Eddy Snelders, 64, was arrested and questioned this weekend, before being released on bail, the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office confirmed on Wednesday. This arrest would be linked to acts of morality and exhibitionism, according to several media. of videos The prosecution did not wish to reveal the … Read more

Nicolas E. Arrested for Exhibitionism in Wolvendael Park: No Sexual Offenses Found

2023-12-06 14:35:25 Nicolas E. was not known for sexual offenses at the time of his arrest on June 21, 2022. On his computer and hard drive, the police did not find any child pornography files or any other compromising documents. Nothing disposed him to come and traumatize 9-year-old girls at Wolvendael Park in Uccle. of … Read more

The Gruesome Murder of Louis Marot in Brazil: The Shocking Truth Revealed

2023-11-29 10:44:56 We revealed it on October 26, 2014 with the headline: “A Belgian whose throat is slit by his wife in Brazil!” “. This man was called Louis Marot. He was 52 years old. In the nineties, originally from Anderlecht, he ran a café for a year in Ganshoren. Then, according to our information, … Read more

Brussels Knife Attack: Surveillance and Safety Tips for Law Enforcement Officers

2023-11-23 06:00:00 The facts date back to November 10. A 23-year-old man, of Moroccan nationality and in an irregular situation, attacked police officers who were returning home after the end of their shift. He pulled out a knife before attacking them, fortunately without causing any injuries. Although he initially fled, the man was then intercepted … Read more

Liège Police Chase: Dangerous Fugitive Faces Serious Charges

2023-11-20 11:30:50 A 32-year-old from Liège risks enormous problems with the Liège justice system. The lessons of the rather recent past have clearly not been learned. The suspect is, in fact, very well known to the Liège justice system. He was recently convicted for a malicious obstruction of traffic, and he did it again. Sunday … Read more

Football Violence and Incidents: Shocking Video Footage and Exclusive Reports

2023-11-19 18:16:04 There weren’t many football matches this weekend because of the many postponements. But in the north of the country, we played well and unfortunately, everything didn’t go well! of videos Indeed, according to Het Laatste Nieuws, a serious incident took place after the second provincial match in East Flanders between SK Kemzeke and … Read more