Liège Police Chase: Dangerous Fugitive Faces Serious Charges

2023-11-20 11:30:50

A 32-year-old from Liège risks enormous problems with the Liège justice system. The lessons of the rather recent past have clearly not been learned. The suspect is, in fact, very well known to the Liège justice system. He was recently convicted for a malicious obstruction of traffic, and he did it again.

Sunday morning, in Bressoux, the police wanted to check his vehicle but the driver refused to comply. He fled the scene, driving dangerously all the way. At one point, a police officer got out of her vehicle to stop him but the fleeing driver brushed past her, passing only a few centimeters from a tragedy. To add elegance to the dangerousness, he also flashed several middle fingers to the police.

A roundabout in the opposite direction

The chase extended into the streets of Bressoux where the fugitive took a roundabout in… the opposite direction. This is how he hit a car which was traveling in the right direction. To free himself, the thirty-year-old again hit a police vehicle with officers on board before, once again, hitting the car that had already been hit for the first time in the roundabout. On his journey, he also hit several safety barriers. In short, the total!

Tired, the car ended up giving up but not its driver who continued his flight, on foot, in the direction of Droixhe. It was there, in the Droixhe park, that he was brought under control, without difficulty and calmly, by the Liège police officers. The suspect was deprived of his liberty for maliciously obstructing traffic, armed rebellion (Editor’s note: the car is considered a weapon) against a police officer and insulting the middle fingers.

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The man, who has a specific background, will not spare an appearance before the Liège criminal court where he risks a sentence of one month to five years in prison for the malicious obstruction of traffic.

In the meantime, on Monday morning, he was referred to the Liège public prosecutor’s office and presented to the magistrate on duty who put his case under investigation with a request for an arrest warrant.

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