he sees red and cuts the animal’s throat, the poor little beast was discovered in the garage surrounded by a pool of blood

A young retiree, residing in Villers-sur-Fère in the south of Aisne, between Château-Thierry and Soissons, killed his dog this Friday, February 17. The animal was discovered around 1:30 p.m. in the garage of the home, surrounded by a pool of blood. It appears that this man, who may have been suffering from depression, had been … Read more

“A bear on Mars?” Nasa publishes an intriguing photo of the red planet (photo)

Intriguing, the photograph was taken last month by the US space agency’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite, which orbits the Red Planet with the HiRISE high-resolution on-board camera, the most powerful ever sent by humans in the solar system. “A bear on Mars? “Asks the Twitter account of the HiRISE project, which published the snapshot on … Read more

A security statement regarding the arrest of a person who promoted narcotic substances on social media in Riyadh.. and the disclosure of his nationality and the seizures found in his possession

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The General Directorate for Drug Control arrested an Egyptian resident in the Riyadh region for displaying and promoting narcotic substances on social media. And according to a security statement: “It was seized in his possession 14 kilograms and 900 grams of narcotic hashish, 14 thousand and 290 tablets subject to medical regulation, 3 … Read more

Soon the end of the adventure at Atlético Madrid for Yannick Carrasco? The Red Devil “feels cheated”

Yannick Carrasco is not having an easy season at Atlético Madrid. And we can’t really say that the World Cup cheered him up… According to information from the daily Marca, the Red Devil would not be satisfied because his contract would still not be extended. He reportedly feels cheated by the Madrid bosses and would … Read more

the arbitration of Zulte Waregem – Anderlecht is controversial (video)

The arbitration of Mr. Laforge is at the center of the debates this Thursday evening. Let’s take the events one by one. After 32 minutes of play, while Zulte Waregem leads 1-0, Fabio Silva remains on the ground. The attacker gets up and, on the following phase of play, without there being the slightest stoppage … Read more

To avoid the red card with their polluting car, Flemish drivers come to technical control in Wallonia

Published on Friday, October 7, 2022 at 2:33 p.m. Par R.G. Flanders is stricter than Wallonia when it comes to controlling fine particles emitted by old diesel engines. But to avoid the red card, some drivers from the north of the country come to Wallonia… Since July 1, diesel cars meeting the Euro 5a standard … Read more