Action Opens Second Store in Beauvais, France: Early Fan Allan Elloy Shares his Experience and Reaction

2023-12-02 10:13:18 Allan Elloy, 23, was among the first. The discount brand Action opened its second store in Beauvais, France, this Saturday, December 2. of videos Around ten people were waiting for the opening at 8:30 a.m., in the gallery of the Jeu de Paume shopping center. They entered to the applause of the staff … Read more

Monoprix Comes to Belgium: What You Need to Know and Why It Matters

2023-11-20 19:10:08 This rumor has been circulating for some time, it’s now official! The first Monoprix store in Belgium will arrive in Waterloo! The company Transversale (one of the main franchisees of the French brand) has obtained the establishment permit granted by the municipality of Waterloo. of videos This news may indeed come as a … Read more

Danone Launches Exclusive 6-Week Alpro Plant Promotional Campaign in Belgium, With Prices as Low as 2 Euros!

2023-11-05 10:45:31 It’s a surprise and very good news for all Belgian customers! As written RetailDetail on its website, Danone has decided to strike hard in our country. To boost its Alpro plant category, the brand is launching a six-week promotional campaign in our country. of videos To do this, Danone communicates a maximum price … Read more

Colruyt’s 50th Anniversary Promotions Festival: 50% Off on National Brand Products

2023-10-03 17:35:00 Belgians who shop at Colruyt will have a nice surprise on their receipt this October. In fact, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the brand has decided to launch a promotions festival. “Waves of price reductions reaching 50% on national brand products,” announces the specialist magazine Gondola. Read also Colruyt’s big announcement: “A strong … Read more

Chair Upcycling Workshops in Großburgwedel and Bissendorf: Transforming Old Chairs into Design Objects

2023-09-19 13:42:00 GROßBURGWEDEL/BISSENDORF With the right ideas and a little skill, a lot can be done with old chairs: For example, a colorful chair gallery for the dining table or cool decorative objects for the entrance to the house, apartment or garden. In the “Chair Upcycling” workshop at the Hannover Land Adult Education Center (VHS), … Read more

Have you recently been to Carrefour? Warning, the brand invites its customers to consult a doctor!

The labels of these products, sold in the delicatessen section of certain Carrefour Belgium and bearing the name “meatloaf with tomato sauce”, do not display the “milk” allergen. The item, from the Carrefour The Market brand, bears the EAN code 5400101090705, the batch number 634611 and must be consumed before April 16, 2023. The products … Read more

this supermarket chain has not existed for a few days…

Géant Casino’s signature has turned into #HyperFrais Casino. As this new name suggests, the brand wants to focus on fresh and local products. “With this new “Casino HyperFrais” brand, the Casino group is strengthening its commitment to quality products as close as possible to our customers and their territories,” announced the Casino group in a … Read more