In the video.. Faisal Al-Issa reveals for the first time that the artist “Ali Al-Midfa” lost his sight two years ago.. and how he completed filming “Shabab Al-Bomb”

2023-12-03 19:47:33 Al-Marsad newspaper: The artist Faisal Al-Issa, the hero of the series “Shabab Al-Bomb,” revealed for the first time that the artist Ali Al-Midfa lost his sight two years ago. He explained during a video clip that the artist Ali Al Midfa lost his sight two years ago, but they did not announce this, … Read more

Urgent Need for Elevator and Goods Lift Compliance in Schools: CGSP Enseignement’s Call to Action

2023-11-21 10:32:53 “Many of our elevators and goods lifts are no longer compliant. They have been at a standstill for six months or more, and the situation is changing little,” points out the CGSP Enseignement. “In schools sometimes with up to seven floors, this leads to major security and organizational problems (waste disposal, supplies, accessibility … Read more

North Wales Police Appeal: Four Young Men Missing in Gwynedd

2023-11-21 18:15:00 The four young people are Jevon Hirst, Harvey Owen, Wilf Henderson and Hugo Morris. They were taking a road trip to the region in North Wales, according to our British colleagues Sky news. But since Sunday morning, they have not given any sign of life. They were in Gwynedd County, which has a … Read more

The Life and Times of Khalaf Al-Shammari: A firsthand account of 1970s living in Hail, Saudi Arabia

2023-11-13 11:42:18 Al-Marsad newspaper: Al-Arabiya channel published a report about the citizen Khalaf Al-Shammari, who lives the details of life in the 1970s and learned through experience and practice and did not travel outside Hail. Al-Shammari said: “I have never left Hail, and I work in the market every day, and if market time comes, … Read more

Lost and Found: The Amazing Journey of Django, the Escaped Wallaby from Jungle City Leisure Park

2023-11-05 09:54:40 Last Friday, around noon, those responsible for the Jungle City leisure park, located on Quai des Vicinaux in Tournai, raised the alarm: one of their animals, Django, a Bennett’s wallaby, had taken advantage of a space in a fence damaged by the passage of storm Ciaran to pack up. Read also Green light … Read more

Urgent Search: Help Find Missing 15-Year-Old Girl Salma Khazri in West Flanders

2023-11-04 19:41:12 Salma Khazri, a 15-year-old girl, has been missing since Thursday, the federal police said in a wanted notice published on Saturday. She was seen leaving her home in Deerlijk, West Flanders, on Thursday around 7 p.m. She hasn’t shown up since. Salma is 1m65 tall and of normal build. She has long, dark … Read more

Céline Dion Returns: The Quebec Singer’s First Public Appearance After a Year of Illness

2023-10-31 20:01:16 Having been away for almost a year due to illness, the Quebec singer made her first public appearance in 10 months. Céline Dion – AFP Published on 10/31/2023 at 9:01 p.m. By Sudinfo The “My Heart Will Go On” singer announced that she suffered from “stiff man syndrome”: a neurological disorder causing muscle … Read more